'Love and Wish': Air date, how to watch, plot, all about GOT7 Youngjae-starrer K-drama

'Love and Wish': Air date, how to watch, plot, all about GOT7 Youngjae-starrer K-drama
Kakao TV's 'Love and Wish' will be GOT7's Youngjae's second K-drama appearance and his first lead appearance (Kakao TV)

Fans have loved seeing Youngjae, the member of K-pop boy group GOT7, on multiple variety shows with his members or as a solo artist. Ahgases are aware also of the fact that it had been the singer's long-time dream to act and it seems like his exit from the label JYP Entertainment is helping it. After all seven members of the group decided against renewing their contracts with JYP back in 2020, GOT7's Youngjae landed his first acting role.


Back in June, Youngjae landed his first acting role in the Netflix Korean sitcom 'So Not Worth It' where he played a side role. Youngjae played the character of Sam, the son of the president of an Australian tteokbokki global food chain. Following that, Youngjae went back to what he does best and released his first solo album as ARS (his pseudonym) titled 'Color from ARS' which was a global success. Back in November, Youngjae was confirmed to play his first lead role in the upcoming Kakao TV drama, 'Love and Wish' which is based on the webtoon of the same name. 'Love & Wish' is scheduled to be released as a movie and a short drama through domestic and overseas OTT platforms in December.



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Release Date

The webtoon-based K-drama, ‘Love and Wish’ will release on December 24 every Friday and Saturday. Timings for the release of the show are yet to be announced.

Number of Episodes

The K-drama is shorter than the usual 16-episode dramas. ‘Love and Wish’ will only have 9 episodes.

Stills from the first script reading of 'Love and Wish' (Kakao TV)


Where to watch 'Love and Wish'

The show is free to watch for fans from South Korea who can watch ‘Love and Wish’ on Kakao TV’s official website. International fans can watch the K-drama with a Viki Rakuten subscription. The official Viki Rakuten site shows that the first five episodes of the drama will be free to watch once they are released.


The show, ‘Love and Wish’ is adapted from the webtoon of the same name written and illustrated by Inae. The show is a 2021 romantic drama with themes of friendship and school.


The K-drama 'Love and Wish' is based on the webtoon of the same name from Kakao TV (Kakao TV)


According to the synopsis of the show, the drama focuses on the story of Son Da-eun played by Choi Ye Bin who is a 17-year-old. She is the youngest of three sisters and since she was quite young, she and her sisters would spend their time reading romance-themed comics and novels. Son Da-eun would spend her nights dreaming of finding true love while her family suddenly moved to Seoul. She finds herself living next door to a handsome high schooler named Kim Seung-hyu played by GOT7’s Choi Young-jae (Youngjae).


The character of Seung-hyu is charming and attractive and Da-eun feels that perhaps he might be her first true love. She soon discovers that Kim Seung-hyu is her classmate and hopes that all that she dreamt about would eventually fall into place. With everything in place, she starts talking to Seung-hyu and soon finds out that he has been a victim of school bullying in the past that has left him emotionally vulnerable. The show follows the journey of these two teenagers and deals with the question: Can love conquer all, or will the demons of the past derail their fledgling romance?



In the short trailer that was released for the show, the character of Son Da-eun, the main lead of the show appears to be shocked as she first sees her next-door neighbor, Seung-hyu outside school. From the outset, she is inclined to tell him how she feels about him but has to hold back because Seung-hyu seems to be hiding a secret from her. The trailer also shows the character of Nam Yoo-il who reveals a secret to Da-eun that has the potential to make or break her future with Seung-hyu.


Watch the trailer here:



Choi Young Jae (GOT7's Youngjae) as Kim Seung Hyu.

Choi Youngjae will play the character of Kim Seung-hyu in the K-drama 'Love and Wish' (Kakao TV)


Choi Ye Bin as Son Da Eun.

Choi Ye Bin will play the character of Son Da-eun in the K-drama 'Love and Wish' (Kakao TV)

Yoo Jae Sang as Na Yoo Il.

Yoo Jae Sang will play the character of Na Yoo-il in the K-drama 'Love and Wish' (Kakao TV)


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 'Love and Wish': Release date, plot and all about GOT7 Youngjae starrer K-drama