GOT7's Mark Tuan breaks gender norms again as he wears heels at Paris Fashion Week

After wearing nail paint and skirts, Mark Tuan is here to bend stereotypes as he walks in heels at the 2021 Paris Fashion Week

                            GOT7's Mark Tuan breaks gender norms again as he wears heels at Paris Fashion Week
Mark Tuan stuns fans as he rocks heels at Paris Fashion Week 2021 (@willgyc/Instagram)

It is a new day and a good enough reason for Mark Tuan to break the internet. With his appearance on Day 2 of Paris Fashion Week on September 29, GOT7's Tuan has pledged to blow fans away with everything he does. Mark has been very vocal about his stance on gender stereotypes in what he wears.

Mark has always used his platform to voice his opinions on the agency of commodities. Be it wearing makeup as an idol or donning a skirt for a magazine shoot, he has taken agency of gender away from commodities like clothes and makeup and handed it back to individuals. With an open-minded fanbase like Ahgases, Mark has made the conversation of gender fluidity very easy.


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Mark Tuan attends Disney's premiere of "Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings" at El Capitan Theatre on August 16, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Mark Tuan empowers gender-neutral fans

Mark has also openly dissociated with normative gender stereotypes on many occasions - when he was seen wearing accessories and having his nails painted. After his appearances at the LA red carpet for Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’, Mark posed with blue nail paint that empowered many young adults who understood Mark's message and resonated with it.

Earlier in the last week of September, Mark drew a lot of attention for his visit to the Eiffel Tower in France. From his photos posted on Instagram, fans assumed that Mark was going to attend the Louis Vuitton fashion show to be held on October 5. Fans were gearing up for his upcoming possible appearance at the event but with no official confirmation, they were left waiting.


Mark Tuan attends Rick Owen's Runway Show

On September 30, fans were pleasantly surprised to see Mark attending Rick Owens’ Paris Fashion Week Runway show. What was more surprising for fans was that Mark not only appeared as an attendee at the show but also broke the internet by wearing heels and gothic wear at the event. Mark was seen with Will Chan, a creative director and one of Mark’s best friends. The entire event and Mark's appearance at the event was documented by Will on his Instagram account.

Fans of Mark were so blown away by the entire appearance that they took to Twitter to express their delightful disbelief. Fans started talking about how Mark walked in heels better than they did and complimented the rapper for his bold power move.

Mark wears long heels at Rick Owen's runway show at Paris Fashion Week 2021. (@willgyc/Instagram)

'Mark is so good at everything'

Fans were blown away by Mark's strutting skills as he was seen walking in high heels. One fan says. "Mark walking in heels is better than me. I can't even walk in heels because I get easily injured. Mark walks like he's wearing sneakers like it's nothing." Another fan said, "Mark walking perfectly in heels makes me ashamed of myself. I get easily injured because of heels so I never wear them anymore. Mark is so good in everything." One more fan said, "Ngl idk the peeps mark is with rn. all i can say is that mark tuan is so hot and he is rocking those heels."

One awestruck fan said, "Mark tuan in skirt, mark tuan manicure, mark tuan in heels, WHAT’S NEXT??????!!!!!! pls im anticipating so much." One fan said, "He really nailed the look. Mad respect to Mark Tuan for walking cooly with that freaking high heels I can't even do that probably~ lol." One more fan pointed, "MARK TUAN WALKING IN HEELS BETTER THAN ME OMYGHOD.
















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