Karen spits on man after being told she’s in wrong seat at baseball game in video

Karen spits on man after being told she’s in wrong seat at baseball game in video
Screenshots from the video of the incident (Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout )

A fan of the Boston Red Sox was caught on camera spitting on a man after being told she was in the wrong seat at the baseball game. The date and time of the incident are not known yet, but it has been said that it happened before the coronavirus pandemic and the clip of it has resurfaced now and gone viral on Reddit.

The whole conversation was not quite audible in the Reddit video, but it showed the woman dubbed as “Karen” standing up and talking to two other people sitting in the stadium. When two people confronted her for sitting in the wrong place, she replied, “We’ve literally been sitting here all night.”


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One man then said to Karen, “All of your friends are over there,” and another one added: “You’re in the wrong seat sweetheart.” The woman was then seen spitting on the man who was sitting just above her and left the area. People were then heard yelling at Karen for her misbehavior. A man was also heard saying, “That’s some rude a** shit right there.”


The video of the incident was shared by user Jjenkins218 on Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout that has around 5k comments. A user named NastyMeanOldBender wrote, “Spitting on someone is assault in many places. Give her a three step haymaker.” Another one said, “If that had happened at Yankee Stadium, that whole section would’ve been throwing hands.” “I sure would not have been able to control myself. I probably would have ended up being arrested for hitting a woman,” the third one added.

A user, SurveySean, sarcastically noted, “Probably not her first time doing that, she’s a classy one!” The second one named, jmmmke, wrote: “Option 1: my mistake, sorry for the confusion Option 2: (realizes she’s wrong) spits on a person That spit is of a quality indicating that she’s done this before.” A person commented, “If you observe her face and body language in the moments before the spit, you can see that she isn't even upset about losing the seat anymore(not hers) but more so how she is being embarrassed/humiliated in public by the man and woman speaking to her. The walk away after the spit just further cements that as she could have just walked away without a confrontation but her ego had already been bruised during the altercation and she wanted payback.”

Another Reddit user, Hrnghekth, shared personal experience by writing, “Happened to me once and I was able to stay calm too. But in my case it was an intoxicated and most likely mentally unwell person, so it was pretty easy to not get too angry. But this is just an entitled Karen who thinks this is appropriate behavior. I'd be way more furious over this.” P0rtal2 added: “It's mind boggling to me how entitled and defensive people get when they get called out for sitting in seats that are not theirs. Last weekend I was at a college football game and a few guys were yelling and insulting an older gentleman after he told them that they were sitting in his seats (he had his wife and some others with him). Of course, the seat stealers were in the completely wrong section and presumably row.

“But still, they yelled at him for essentially having the gall to ask them to move from the seats that he had purchased for himself and his family. Fortunately, the event staff/ushers/security was right there to tell them to keep moving.”

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