Illinois Karen hurls N-word at Black woman for overtaking, plays the victim at police station

The two were reportedly driving in their respective cars when the Black woman overtook the White woman

                            Illinois Karen hurls N-word at Black woman for overtaking, plays the victim at police station
In the Twitter video, one can see the Karen change her demeanor the minute she enters the police station (Twitter/ @JENuine_Draft)

A White woman called a Black woman the N-word, drove down to the police station and played the victim card. The White woman has been dubbed a Karen by the (actual) victim of the racial slur. In a viral video that has been now watched over 3.9 million times, Jennifer Okosi, the Black woman, records the entire incident on camera and how the White woman changed colors when a police complaint was on the cards. 

Okosi took to Twitter to share the encounter with the woman and said that she might as well saved her own life by recording the Karen during an incident in Holland, Illinois.


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The White woman can be seen explaining herself in the video (Twitter/ @JENuine_Draft)

The two were driving in their respective cars when Okosi overtook the White woman. Then for no apparent reason, Karen used racial slurs and called her the N-word. That is when Okosi decided she was going to film the entire encounter especially since she had previously seen several interactions with the authorities gone wrong. After Karen noticed the Okosi recording her, she drove straight to the police station with the intention of filing a report against the Black woman.

But Okosi kept at it, recording her throughout and recounting the incident bit by bit in the video. Upon reaching the police station, Karen got out of the car and walked in, followed by the Black woman who continued recording her.

When she enters the police station, the white lady begins to play the victim card, many social media users have pointed out (Twitter/ @JENuine_Draft)

Later, Okosi took to Twitter to share, "So this happened to me yesterday where I live in south Holland, IL. Karen calls me a (N-word) then drives to the police for help. This lady could’ve made a false report that could’ve led to my death. Pulling an Amy Cooper is illega. Share #YouAboutToLoseYoJob." Along with that, she also shared a video of the incident. 


In the video posted by Okosi, the White woman can be seen turning around and shouting at her, "I'm sorry. I-I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for the looting. I'm sorry for EVERYTHING. What do you want from me?"

The Black woman continues to ask her why she called her the racial slur — she had done it multiple times throughout the video. Karen then admits to calling her the N-word and says that it happened because she passed her while driving. She then added that she was "so fed up with all this s**t". While we don't know what exactly she was referring to when she said 's**t', some reports online write that Karen was probably referring to the Black Lives Matter protests that came about following the death of 46-year-old George Floyd. 

She doesn't give up acting that way (Twitter/ @JENuine_Draft)

Once inside the police station, one can see just how drastically Karen's demeanor changes. She begins sobbing and playing the victim card. Even Okosi is surprised by this change. The White woman can be seen sobbing and plays a victim by talking in a hushed and fearful voice. Karen then walks up to a police officer and pleads for help. In the video, she can be heard saying, "Please, I can't take this anymore..." Okosi then tells the cops behind the counter, "No, she called me a (N-word), and then she drove here to cry. So that's what we're dealing with."

The White woman then admits to using the N-word and continues to defend her actions to the police. She said that she used it only because the Black woman had passed her on the left while driving. She then added that she was only reacting to the 'looting'. In the video, Okosi asks her if it's ok to call someone the N-word if they're looting, and the White woman says yes, adding that "you guys" call "each other the N-word all the time".

On the Twitter thread, social media users were not all that surprised with the display of Karen-like behavior and even called out her victim card. "When all else fails, the fake tears instinctively just pop up. #KarenChronicles," one user pointed out. "Funny how she’s just like the rest of them online. They want to play the victim card and act like somehow they’re the victim when they’re the aggressors and racists," another added along similar lines. 


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