Black TikToker claims Karen nearly hit her car and racially abused her

'Well you should’ve said, ‘Excuse me’ when I blew the horn, bitch,' TikToker Shaniece Nicole fought back

                            Black TikToker claims Karen nearly hit her car and racially abused her
The white woman claimed she did not see Nicole's car (@sheshedshaniece/ TikTok)

A Black TikToker took to the video-sharing app to share a clip of a white woman, who was allegedly texting and driving and almost hit the TikToker’s car. The interaction took a turn for the worst when the TikToker, Shaniece Nicole, @SheShedShaniece on TikTok, blew the horn to get her attention. She then began filming after the woman called her a bitch for doing so.

In the video, one can see Nicole open her car window to ask the white 'Karen' what she had just said. The white woman went on to deny being on the phone and said that she didn’t see Nicole.


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"Well you should’ve said, ‘Excuse me’ when I blew the horn, bitch," Nicole quickly snarked at her. After this, the two women then both start calling each other ‘bitch’ as Nicole continued to remain in the car.

“Call me a fucking bitch one more time,” the white woman can be seen saying. "Get your fucking ass out of the fucking car." Nicole replied, “Pull me out of the car."

The white woman can then be seen walking away and getting in her own car. That's when the interaction turned racist - she calls Nicole a "fucking Black ass fucking bitch". The video then ended with Nicole asking the woman to treat her “like a Black bitch.”

You can watch the video of the interaction here:


She was texting & driving and almost hit me. I blew my horn and she called me a fuckn bitch. #CinderellaMovie #ArmaniMyWay #fyp #fypシ

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In the comment section, there were several users with a lot of opinions. Some people reportedly couldn't understand why Nicole was cursing at the other woman and said "like you’ve never been on your phone while driving". Other users noted that there was no justification for resorting to racism and some others even applauded Nicole for how she handled the situation.

"They always say ‘Black’ like it’s an insult," one user commented. "Yes I am Black, wassup with it??"

When another user said the woman could have simply apologized for almost hitting Nicole, she replied, "She showed her true colors when she said Black bitch. I was recording so she knew she had fucked up.”

In a follow-up TikTok video, Nicole spoke about what could have happened had she exited the car. “If you think she told me to get out the car ‘cause she wanted to fight, you a damn fool,” Nicole said in the TikTok. "I don’t know about y’all but the world I live in don’t defend people that look like me. The moment I got out of that car, I would’ve been seen as the aggressor … I don’t know about y’all but I wouldn’t dare put my family through unnecessary trauma."

As per reports, Black drivers are more likely to be targeted by law enforcement due to racial profiling. "My lips move when I talk but these hands do too," Nicole said, adding, "If a Karen is worth you going to jail for the rest of your life, then by all means, go off sis. I ain’t doing it though."

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