Texas Karen tells Hispanic family to 'go back to your brown country' in viral racist rant

After being called out for being racist, the woman justified herself by saying she’s 'married to a Black man'

                            Texas Karen tells Hispanic family to 'go back to your brown country' in viral racist rant
A white woman went on a racist rant against a Hispanic family in a Texas parking lot (TikTok/ @lilly_esmeralda)

A woman was dubbed a "Karen" after she was seen in a video telling a Hispanic family to “go back to your brown country” following a mild parking lot altercation in New Caney, Texas. The incident was captured on camera and posted in two parts to TikTok user @lilly_esmeralda’s page. In a series of TikTok videos that followed, Esmeralda explained the events of the day as they had unfolded.

Part one of the viral encounter has been reported several times for supposedly violating community guidelines on “hate speech” and “violent and graphic content.” It has racked up more than 3 million views. The clip begins in the middle of the altercation and shows the White woman phoning the police. The woman informs Esmeralda that “your husband kicked my shit in, I didn’t damage y’all’s car," after she is asked what prompted the argument.

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What happened at the parking lot?

Meanwhile, she kept hurling insults at Esmeralda’s partner, who is seated in the driver’s seat of a small silver vehicle. Things escalated after the woman calls Esmeralda’s partner a “pussy" and suddenly takes a swing at Esmeralda.

The argument continues in part two of the video where the woman gives a fragmented account the what went down before the camera started to record. She informs that her large white truck has cameras and expresses frustration over Esmeralda’s partner calling her over. 

When she tries to accuse Esmeralda of “swinging” at her, Esmeralda’s partner reminds the woman that she took the first swing. From there, the woman starts to make racist remarks. “No, y’all go back to your brown country, bitches,” she says, gesturing broadly at the family. After being called out for being racist, Karen screeches that she’s “married to a Black man.” She doubles down on her comments and calls the family “brown” once again.

Esmeralda's version of events

In a series of storytimes, Esmeralda gave a more thorough account of the altercation. Her partner claimed that the woman was reversing out of a parking space when she nearly struck his car. Even after he honked to inform her that his car was there, she nearly hit him again, he said. The constant honking seemingly angered the woman as she exited her vehicle and began banging on his window.

After a short argument, the woman allegedly kicked the man's vehicle after which Esmeralda’s partner also went and kicked her truck. He admitted that since his kick apparently had more force, “I put a dent in it.” What followed were the events as seen on the viral videos; after which a large group of people intervened and put themselves between the dueling women. At one point in the first video, the police can be seen conversing with the White woman.

Esmeralda claimed that she has pressed charges against the woman. While the woman was not escorted to jail, “charges were pressed” and the parties will appear in “court this month.”