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'Karen' yells at boy for filming her as she smoked in front of kids, Internet says 'she needs a** whooping'

A video allegedly shot by an eleven-year-old boy shows a woman hurling abuses at him for being 'disrespectful,' threatening to break the phone he was recording her on
UPDATED MAR 26, 2021
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

A video shared on Reddit page r/PublicFreakout shows a woman driving a white car, while smoking, yell at an eleven-year-old boy. She starts her rant by saying, "You are going to get into trouble," because she seems to believe that the kid was being "disrespectful" to her. Her abusive profanities directed at the young boy were recorded by him as proof of his encounter with a 'Karen' in the wild. 

The video titled 'Grown woman cursing at and name-calling an 11-yr-old because she heard him curse. NSFW' was posted by user u/twointimeofwar. It has invited over 250 comments. One of the users noted, "She needs a nice a** whooping from that kid's parents. And she’s smoking in the car with her kids."


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In the video, we hear her say, "You’re not going to have a pleasant life. You are very, very disrespectful and you’re lucky I am not getting out of my car and smashing your phone.” She adds, "You probably don’t even deserve to have a phone. You are not responsible enough, that’s for sure.” The boy then asks her, "You know that was a threat, right?” At this point, she tries to recording him too.

A still from the video was captured by the boy even as the woman continued to yell at him (Reddit)

The woman was smoking inside the car with her kids even as she yelled at the boy. Answering the boy's question, the woman said, "If I broke your phone, I could afford to replace it. It’s not a threat. I could afford to replace seven of those phones. You need to be held responsible for being so disrespectful. You need your a** beat by your parents is what you need.”

She then uses profanity-laced language saying, "Look at this little redheaded stepchild mother f**king kid recording me,” before driving away in her Ford Fusion.

Since two hubcaps are clearly missing from her car, one user on Reddit commented, “Saved money on the car so she could afford to buy seven new phones."

This woman was seen traveling with three kids and smoking inside the car (Reddit)

One user wrote, "She's smoking a cigarette with her kids in the vehicle. Threatening the child and swearing at him. Yet she needs to teach him a lesson of respect. All the while teaching her children how to be a complete waste of air. I feel bad for her kids."

Another sarcastically riffed on how the woman had threatened the boy. '"I will break your legs." "Are you threatening me?" "No. I can afford the medical bills for when you're treated for those broken legs, so it's not a threat. In fact I can afford medical treatment for every broken leg in your family. So it's not a threat."'

The child was also appreciated for handling this in a mature manner and one user wrote, "Can we all take a moment to APPLAUD this CHILD for acting so much more mature than her?! I don't have kids, and probably won't, but I'd be SO PROUD of my kid for handling the situation like a champ. Then I'd find that woman and whoop her a**, after I whooped her husband's a** too... Talk to my kid like that, you're gonna remember it."