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K-pop's 'It couple': 5 romantic moments to celebrate Hyuna and Dawn's engagement

Having dated since 2016, they have several adorable moments together like cutting each other's hair and getting matching tattoos
Hyuna and Dawn are engaged to be married (@hyojong_1994/Instagram)
Hyuna and Dawn are engaged to be married (@hyojong_1994/Instagram)

After years of hints, we finally have news of Hyuna and Dawn’s marriage. K-pop’s It couple often teased fans by posting photos of them dressed in white or getting matching rings. At one point when asked about their wedding, Hyuna had said she did not know when she was getting married. Well, in the cutest way possible, the two K-pop idols finally announced their engagement on Instagram.

Hyuna first posted a photo with a beautiful blue ring on her ring finger with the caption “Yes.” Fans immediately started guessing that Dawn must have proposed. He too then posted a video of them with the same rings and the caption “Marry Me.” Even non-fans are over the moon as the couple has gone through thick and thin together. Well, here are five romantic moments to prove their title of K-pop’s It couple.

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Becoming the first celebrity couple to perform on stage together

After dating for three years, Hyuna and Dawn got a chance to perform together as a couple on stage. They also became the first K-pop idols who were publicly dating to perform together. They went all out for the year-end music show, 2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon. And they were perfect as the theme for the music show was “The Chemistry.” They performed their individual songs ‘Money’ and ‘Flower Shower’ before getting together in a cage which they escape for a dance break.

Fans noticed that the cage was cube-shaped which might have been a diss at their old company, Cube Entertainment who fired them for dating. Their latest performance at the Seoul Music Awards was equally fiery as they ended their stage with a kiss.



Hyuna and Dawn get matching tattoos

The two have often worn matching outfits, shoes and accessories. Well, with Hyuna and Dawn having several tattoos and piercings, fans wondered when they would get a couple’s tattoo. Well, in July 2021, both of them showed off their matching tattoos on their hands. Dawn had tattooed the letters “LI” and Hyuna had got “FE” so that when they bring their hands together, the tattoos would spell “LIFE."


Referring to each other in their lyrics

Being the power couple of K-pop, no one expects them to do the usual PDA. So, when they do show each other affection, it is in the most charming way. Fans found it endearing that the two would plan their comebacks around the same time. And even when they didn’t, they would support each other by visiting the filming sites and music shows. Well, other than that, they also refer to each other in the lyrics of their songs and fans love finding these easter eggs.

In Dawn’s last single “DAWNDIDIDAWN”, he rapped, “Bubble pop senorita always by my side,” which refers to Hyuna’s solo debut song “Bubble Pop.” On the other hand, in Hyuna’s last single 'I'm Not Cool', she sang, “I love early mornings, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn / I’m not solo.”




Joining the same label and debuting as a couple

The couple started dating in May 2016 but were fired for keeping it a secret from their label, Cube. Legendary soloist PSY gave them a second chance and signed on both of them in his new label P Nation. And it looks like he is more than supportive of them as Hyuna and Dawn debuted as a couple in 2021 with their first mini-album together ‘1+1=1’ which clearly means that both of them are one together.


Their cute antics

Playing on the quirky and eccentric image that they have created, we often have them playing cute pranks together. While promoting as a couple for ‘1+1=1’, we got several behind-the-scenes photos of them where Hyuna cuts off Dawn's hair and gives him baby bangs while he looks horrified. They also post videos of them dancing together and messing around during photo shoots and other gigs. They have also playfully bantered on their reality show ‘I’m Fine Thank You, And You?’ and on ‘Knowing Bros’ when Dawn forgot Hyuna’s song.