Jennie and G-Dragon's love story: When did the lovebirds start dating? K-pop couple's ‘open secret’ revealed

Jennie and G-Dragon's love story: When did the lovebirds start dating? K-pop couple's ‘open secret’ revealed
G-Dragon and Jennie are reported to be dating (Getty Images)

Blackpink's Jennie and her idol Big Bang’s G-Dragon are reportedly dating, popular Korean media Dispatch has stated. The relationship started more than a year ago, the media outlet has further confirmed. According to the report. The relationship of the two K-pop idols from YG Entertainment is well known to the staff and managers. The ‘open secret’ of YG Entertainment was finally revealed by Dispatch on February 24.

Jennie and G-Dragon, both signed under YG Entertainment, have known each other even before she debuted. The ‘Solo’ crooner also appeared in one of G-Dragon’s music videos as his love interest prior to her Blackpink debut. The close friendship of Jennie and G-Dragon isn’t a secret. With the relationship angle being reported, fans have also doubted the credibility of the report.


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Jennie was spotted leaving G-Dragon's house at the day of Blackpink's first virtual concert 'The Show' (Getty Images)

When did the couple start dating?

According to Dispatch, despite being friends for a long time, Jennie and G-Dragon reportedly started dating only a year before. The couple mostly met at their own residence. G-Dragon’s personal penthouse has its own parking lot and an exclusive elevator which helps visitors get in without being seen.  Dispatch has also provided pictures of specific days when Jennie has been spotted leaving G-Dragon’s house. 


G-Dragon has been a friend of Jennie for a long time even before the 'Solo' crooner debuted with Blackpink


Relationship timeline

According to Dispatch, the YG couple has been in a stable relationship for a year where Jennie visits G-Dragon’s house after her schedule gets over. Sometimes Jennie’s manager is also seen dropping her off or G-Dragon’s manager seen giving her a ride. Jennie was also spotted leaving G-Dragon’s house on the day of Blackpink’s virtual concert ‘The Show’ in the morning. The report has stated that one of G-Dragon’s cars was at the venue of ‘The Show’.

Speaking of the relationship, a close source of Jennie and GD has commented that the relationship is pretty public within the company. The source said, “Quite a lot of people at YG have noticed their relationship,” and added, “Jennie’s mother is also aware of her relationship with G-Dragon. She’s thankful that he takes special care of her.”

YG Entertainment has officially commented, “We can not confirm anything about our artists’ personal lives. We ask for your understanding.”


Prior to this, Dispatch once revealed that Blackpink's Jennie and SM Entertainment's deemed EXO K-pop star Kai were dating. The shortlived alleged romance ended only after four months due to high work pressure, SM Entertainment told a news publication. Though the duo never talked about their relationship clearly, fans picked up plenty of clues and some of them were heart-melting. For example, one time Jennie took to Instagram to share snaps of a romantic evening in Paris with the caption, “Had the most romantic dinner admiring the eiffel tower 🗼❣️ #happyjen’, and a day later, Kai shared a number of pictures almost in the same locations. Fans didn’t take time to put two and two together. Take a look at the snaps below.






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