Twice's Momo and Super Junior's Heechul relationship: How senior-junior duo found love despite 13-year age gap

Fans hail the couple for breaking the taboo of K-pop dating and embracing their individuality as more high-profile K-pop couples show courage to open up about their relationship

                            Twice's Momo and Super Junior's Heechul relationship: How senior-junior duo found love despite 13-year age gap
Twice’s Momo and Super Junior's Heechul remain one of the most loved couples of K-pop (Heechul Instagram)

Deemed as one of the most searched K-pop couples, Twice’s Momo and SM Entertainment’s Super Junior member Heechul have an entire fandom to themselves. From their ‘senior-junior’ dynamic to slowly blossoming into a full-fledged ‘IT’ K-pop couple, here is the relationship timeline of JYPE’s Momo and SM’s Heechul.

Their relationship officially came into the public eye in January 2020 when Heechul’s company Label SJ stated, “After getting along as close colleagues of show business, the two have recently started liking and dating each other.” Earlier in 2019, both Momo’s JYP Entertainment and Heechul’s SM Entertainment denied the dating rumors.


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When did the couple start dating?

While the actual date of when the couple started seeing each other is unknown, according to reports the couple started meeting as sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior) and Heechul has also shared pictures of the two on social media. Fans have also dug out old pictures through which they claim that Heechul is a friend of Momo’s parents as they all crossed paths in the Twiceland Seoul concert on Day 3 in 2018.

For the longest time, the couple also denied the relationship. In a ‘Knowing Bros’ episode, Heechul was asked if he is dating Momo where he reportedly denied the claims. In 2020, after SJ confirmed, JYP also spoke about the couple and stated, "Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We are confirming that Heechul and Momo are in a relationship. They have recently started a relationship that grew from a sunbae-hoobae friendship in the industry. Thank you.”



Though Twice’s Momo and SJ’s Heechul don’t share pictures of them together, fans are just happy collecting the crumbs of their interaction from award shows and variety show events. Recently, Heechul introduced Twice at Seoul Music Awards and the fans of the couple took it to social media to share the moment. Watch it here.


Marriage controversy

Recently, a news report revealed that Heechul’s mother wants him to get married and this led to fan speculations if he is tying the know with Twice’s Momo. While some said that they will be happy with whatever they choose, others brought out the age difference of the couple, which is 13 years, and stated that marriage is too early for Momo.

A fan said, “I mean its too early for momo to consider marriage  tbh when she still has a career to work on :(( this marriage thingy will probably put pressure on her but whatever decision ill support momo.” While another stated, “Im pretty sure heechul already mentioned this to momo though and she might just laughed about it. We don't know what's on her mind and she MAY be ready for marriage. We're just fans let's not decide for her!”



While Momo and Heechul like to keep their relationship pretty private, fans hail the couple for embracing their individuality and breaking the taboo of K-pop dating. With more high-profile K-pop couples showing courage, fans believe that they will be able to break the stigma of dating that is attached with K-pop.

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