Who is Mike Silvero? 'Racist' TV host mocks BTS' hair color, ARMY says 'apologize'

Who is Mike Silvero? 'Racist' TV host mocks BTS' hair color, ARMY says 'apologize'
TV host Mike Silvero mocked BTS with racist remarks and ARMY is enraged (Mike Silvero Instagram/ BTS Weverse)

Mike Silvero, a Paraguayan TV presenter, is under fire for attacking Grammy-nominated South Korean music group BTS with racist 'jokes'. The TV host for ABC Digital and reporter of ABC Color spoke about BTS fans in a TV segment saying that they are hurting themselves by rooting for seven Korean men who can only be distinguished by their different hair color.

The TV host later addressed the issue on Twitter, further enraging BTS ARMY where he says that ARMY does not watch any video for more than 20 seconds. After getting demands of apology on social media, the TV program put out a statement saying, "Thank you all for the details. We will continue to improve, learn, listen and stand firm in our intention: to bring fun to families. We collect all the positive comments and also the criticisms, because that is what we are here for, to provide a little humor and fun.” The TV host however hadn't issued an apology at the time of writing this article.


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Who is Mike Silvero?

Mike Silvero is a TV host who works in ABC Digital. On his TV segment, he reportedly started talking about BTS fans and their 'cancellation culture'. Speaking of ARMY, he said, "ARMY does not harm physically, but rather by idolizing seven diverse South Korean twenty-somethings who can be distinguished only by their hair color, and who, furthermore, are not so good at what they do because they make their songs with a formula (…) it sounds exactly like a lot of other things that already existed, only you guys are in love with these overpriced products." The TV host went on to show the picture of Powerpuff Girls as a comparison to the Billboard Hot 100 topper music chart.


ARMY demands apology from TV host

ARMY has always acted as armor for BTS, protesting against the 'racist' attacks and setting the record straight for the group. This time, they asked the TV host to reflect upon his negative comments and apologize to the Bangtan Boys. A fan wrote, "You don't know their incredible lyrics. You don't know their wonderful discography. You don't know their bittersweet history. You don't know their uplifting message. YOU DON'T KNOW THEM. #ApologizeMikeSilvero #ApologizeABCCOLOR." Another fan pointed out, "The media is only showing a lack of professionalism, it is a great shame for journalism to see who does that work, an apology is demanded!"



ARMY also shared BTS leader Kim Namjoon's first UN speech where the group urged the world to stop any discrimination and speak their truth no matter what gender, color or race they are from. A fan said, "No matter who you are, where you're from, your skin color, your gender identity, just speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself." - Kim Namjoon. #ApologizeMikeSilvero #RACISMISNOTCOMEDY," another wrote, "If you can't respect, dont even open your mouth" Kim Namjoon, The leader of the biggest band in the world." A user outraged, "This is so maddening even to a non-stan like me, how dare you? how jealous are you of bts to sacrifice your career with your trashy and unprofessional opinion? gosh!"




Meanwhile, BTS finished their eighth-anniversary celebration Festa 2021 with a grand two days Muster concert and secured the first position in Billboard's Hot 100 for the third week for their Summer single 'Butter'. BTS will be releasing their next song, reportedly 'Permission to Dance' on July 9 with a CD version of 'Butter'. While ARMY awaits for another bop, stream 'Butter' here.


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