Who is Matthias Matuschik? BTS ARMY slams radio host for comparing group to Covid: 'RACISM is not an opinion'

The host of station Bayern3 compared BTS with Covid-19 and slammed the Billboard Hot 100 topping K-pop group for covering Coldplay’s 'Fix You'

                            Who is Matthias Matuschik? BTS ARMY slams radio host for comparing group to Covid: 'RACISM is not an opinion'
German radio host Matthias Matuschik said BTS deserved a vacation in North Korea for their MTV Unplugged performance (Matthias Matuschik Instagram/BTS Twitter)

Matthias Matuschik began trending on social media after the German radio host made 'disrespectful’ remarks about Grammy-nominated group BTS after their MTV unplugged performance.

The radio host of the station Bayern3 compared one of the biggest boy groups in the world with Covid-19 and slammed the Billboard Hot 100 topping K-pop group for covering Coldplay’s "Fix You". Later the radio station Bayern3 posted a clarification note regarding the situation. But did the show host apologize?

After Matuschik’s ‘personal distaste’ became public, BTS ARMY pointed out that disrespecting a South Korean boy group stating they ‘deserve’ a vacation in North Korea for twenty years for covering ‘Fix You’, can’t be a personal opinion as it's utterly disrespectful and racist. The radio station posted a clarification that read: ‘Host Matthias Matuschik voiced his personal opinion on the very successful South Korean band BTS and their cover of ‘Fix You’ of Coldplay in ‘MTV Unplugged’ and many of you complained about this. It is the nature of the broadcast and the host to clearly, openly and unflatteringly voice his opinion.”


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Who is Matthias Matuschik?


Matuschik is a radio show host, comedian, and a former DJ, who is also known by the nickname Matuschke. The 56-year-old started his career in 1989 and started moderating programs for Bayern3 after 1998. He was even nominated for the ‘Best Moderator’ award in 2011. Apart from radio show hosting, Matuschik is also known as a ‘cabaret artist’ - something which started in 2013 and after his first successful program “Heilige Scheiße”, Matuschke chose to go on tour with his colleague Susanne Rohrer in 2014 (‘We have to talk’). The latest satirical program of Matuschke that took place in autumn 2015: ‘Degenerate Favor’.

This is not the first time Matuschke has received criticism for saying something disrespectful or problematic. In July 2015, he moderated a show, ‘The Wolfratshausen River Festival’, where he compared the creation of smoking areas with anti-Semitic coercive measures (‘Like a square of Jews’), which received much criticism. 

Did the radio host apologize?

BTS ARMY took to social media and called for the radio host to apologize for the racist, xenophobic comments. A BTS ARMY wrote, “We just want to voice the fact that ... it’s the right of everyone to not be subject to racism or violence." - Suga of BTS. Racism and Xenophobia is NOT free speech, NOT an opinion, and NEVER okay. We are ARMY and we will NOT BE SILENT.” Another said, “Disliking the boys is your own personal opinion but RACISM is not an opinion. shame on you for thinking what you said is okay, apologize to the boys and the asian community for the vile things you said.”




Though the radio show host hasn’t issued any statement in public, the radio station Bayern 3 stated the host only wanted to "express his displeasure with the cover version" of Coldplay's song "Fix You" and did not intend to be offensive. "In this case, in an attempt to express his opinion in an ironically exaggerated manner and with exaggerated excitement, he overshot his choice of words and thus hurt the feelings of the BTS fans."


Fan reactions to the 'apology'

BTS ARMY is not content with just a clarification as the problematic statement can’t be passed under the pretense of ‘free speech’. An ARMY said, “Not even a flinch of apology was given by Bayern 3. It was clearly a statement defending their actions. Racism will never be tolerated. We've had enough. We won't be silenced. Racism is not an opinion.” Another opined, “Bayern 3 needs to rethink their statement and decisions long and hard. Racism isn’t an “opinion” it’s evil. You don’t get to tell a marginalized group they aren’t marginalized, they only “perceive” that they are.” Another said, "Expressing your opinion is no way an excuse to being racist. It's TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. IT'S A HATE SPEECH AND YOU BEING RACIST!! And in what aspect do you think having a car in SK will save you from this? APOLOGIZE!!" Journalist Fatima Farha wrote, "You just have to be a particular kind of evil wanting to go & say these vile things against a group that has only ever tried to spread positive messages and provide comfort, love and peace to people around the world with their genuine music. Like this man is severely disgusting!"








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