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BTS Muster SOWOOZOO Concert Day 1 Highlights: OT7 Daechwita to Taekook chase

The B-side track of BTS' 'BE', 'Dis-ease' became a talking point after the pop icons delivered a stellar performance at Muster SOWOOZOO Concert
UPDATED JUN 14, 2021
BTS Muster SOWOOZOO concert day 1 (BTS Official Twitter)
BTS Muster SOWOOZOO concert day 1 (BTS Official Twitter)

BTS Festa is coming to an end with the highly anticipated BTS Muster SOWOOZOO concert 2021, and BTS ARMY had a 'hard time' breathing on day one with the number of surprise bombs dropping on them one after another. From OT7 Daechwita to a return of short-sleeved Jungkoom with eye-brow piercing, ARMY couldn't help having a live meltdown.

BTS Festa 2021 has been one of the best anniversary celebrations with BTS giving ARMY a trip down memory lane with the Grammy-nominated music group. BTS recreated old photos in 2021 with opening ceremony pictures, performed their old songs in the BTS room live, took a test along with fans, and to conclude BTS month they even planned a Muster concert for two days straight.


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BTS Festa 2021 Muster Concert Day 1 (BTS Twitter)

BTS Muster Concert Day 1 Highlights

BTS Muster Day 1 took fans back to a pre-pandemic time when BTS were allowed to hold concerts on open stages, unraveling their highly energetic persona which owned the biggest of the stages. They performed their biggest single 'Butter' on a purple/ yellow stage setting, brought a new 2021 OT7 version of Daechwita, Yoongi's solo hit of 2020. Here are all the moments of Muster Day 1 that made ARMY go bonkers.

BTS Muster SOWOOZOO concert stage (BTS Twitter)

OT7 Daechwita

OT7 'Daechwita' is straight up for history books, said BTS ARMY who were completely enchanted by the Billboard Hot 100 toppers spitting fire with AgustD's creation. A fan said, "NO ONE WILL MOVE ON FROM OT7 DAECHWITA PERFORMANCE!" Another ARMY noted, "rewatching the ot7 daechwita performance for the 74th time today just to feel something!"



Taekook chase

BTS is always chaotic in concert stages and the ritual remains intact with this muster where Taehyung and Jungkook participated in a water chase in the middle of their performance. A fan quipped, "The most epic chase in bts history lmfao taekook!" Another fan shared, "Idk about you but taekook chase during So What was the highlight for me today!" A fan supplied, 'in case you haven’t seen the zoomed out version of the taekook water chase yet—they ran half the stage!"




Dis-ease bridge

The B-side track of BTS' 'BE' album 'Dis-ease' became a talking point after the 21st-century pop icons delivered a stellar performance of the track. An ARMY gushed, "I still can’t believe that we got to witness the bridge of dis-ease live!" Another fan chimed in saying, "Finally we got the iconic dis-ease bridge live feels so good to be alive!"



Jungkook in short sleeve

BTS's youngest vocalist Jeon Jungkook, the 24-year-old Golden Maknae, chose to own every ARMY's heart after serving a full look by simply donning a short sleeve shirt and tee, allowing ARMY a closer look at his arm full of tattoos. Here's how fans barely survived the look. A fan said, "We went from barely seeing jungkook’s tattoos but now he’s showing them off proudly, wearing short sleeves and just looking so confident and cool!" Another gushed, "jungkook: doesn’t wear a short sleeve for 2 years jungkook: tshirt crop top tank top shirt with holes that is really not a shirt at all drenched in water!"



ARMY also lauded Jungkook's Golden Goose logo tab bleach denim jacket which said 're-think Gender', a nod to acknowledge June as Pride Month.


A fan summarized day one by stating the following, "reasons why I can’t think straight •_• 1. Jungkook’s tattoos 2. Yoongi’s blonde hair 3. Jimin’s lip piercing 4. Jin and Taehyung performing daechwita w/ facial hair ㅠㅠ 5. Jhope’s shoulders and outfit 6. RM’s built/ arms 7. Taekook chase during ‘so what’!"


What was your favorite moment of BTS Muster SOWOOZOO day one? Tell us in the comments below. Catch the second day, world tour version of Muster on June 14 at 6.30pm KST.

Watch Festa special BTS Room live below.