T-ara announce comeback date after four-year hiatus, fans say they will ‘save K-pop’

Following the likes of SHINee, Girls' Generation, 2PM and 2AM, T-ara is the latest second-gen group to reunite with 'Re:T-ARA'

                            T-ara announce comeback date after four-year hiatus, fans say they will ‘save K-pop’
T-ara are ready to come back after four years (@qtfreet/Instagram)

T-ara is finally back with 'Re:T-ARA'! The iconic second-gen girl group may have had several ups and downs but it looks like 2021 is their year. The group first debuted in 2009 and dominated the K-pop scene with viral hits like ‘Roly-Poly’ and ‘Cry Cry’. They got their first music show win with their debut album itself while ‘Cry Cry’ topped Billboard for two weeks straight in 2011. T-ara also won several awards- Billboard Japan Music Awards, Gaon, GDA, and Seoul Music Awards. They also got mentioned in Forbes' Korea Power Celebrity list back to back in 2012 and 2013.

Despite their successful run, they faced many hurdles like disbandment petitions and bullying rumors that were later debunked. T-ara ended up going on a hiatus in 2018. As they left their agency MBK, they had to face a trademark battle as the label tried to trademark their name. Had the label won, the girl group wouldn’t have been able to reunite under the same name and perform their old songs credited to T-ara. Fortunately, they won the trademark battle during their four-year hiatus. T-ara first reunited for Chuseok 2020 and on the show ‘Ask Us Anything’ in July 2021. They then announced a fan meeting which turns out was just a prelude to their upcoming single album 'Re:T-ARA'.

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Release date

T-ara’s new single album 'Re:T-ARA' which many believe to be a pre-release of their next album will be out on November 15 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET). 

Where to listen

The single album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and more.


1. 'All Kill'

2. 'Tiki Taka'



With a name as grand as T-ara (pronounced as ‘tiara’) fans always expected them to have fancy concepts for their comebacks. However, they were disappointed, as they claimed that the girl group’s label MBK did the bare minimum. And with T-ara finally leaving their label, as free agents, they have complete control over their releases and so have gone all out for their upcoming album. They have released two concept photos for their upcoming single.

In one, they channel their inner cowboy as they are seen dressed in leather outfits and cowboy hats. In the second concept photo, they look chic in black studded outfits sitting in a luxurious room. They also released concept photos for the two tracks.


'T-ara is really back'

Excited fans made tweets like, “T-ARA IS REALLY BACK YOU GUYS THEY LOOK SO EXPENSIVE,” “Queens are BACK. T-ARA IS BACK TO CHANGE THE GAME AND SAVE KPOP,” and “2021 t-ara really out here doing everything they want to do.” Another fan added, “Let me just cry in the corner... t-ara is really back.” One fan commented, “Queen's are you ready? gg! T-ARA IS COMIIIING!!!”






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