EXO Kai to make solo comeback in November, fans can't keep calm over 'Kolo's return'

Kai made his solo debut in November of 2020 with his first mini album titled, 'KAI - The First Mini Album' with the title track 'Mmmh'

                            EXO Kai to make solo comeback in November, fans can't keep calm over 'Kolo's return'
Kai from EXO will release his second solo album in 2021 (@zkdlin/Instagram)

EXO’s Kai rocked the world for fans last year when he released his solo debut album ‘KAI - The First Mini Album’ in November, 2020. Now, not even a year after that announcement, fans are hearing chatter about a new ‘Kai Solo’ or as fans like to call it ‘KOLO’, in the making. On October 26, EXO’s label SM Entertainment revealed details about another solo project with Kai (Kim Jongin). Fans of EXO know Kai to be a member of the group as well as a member of SM Entertainment’s supergroup Super M (stylized as SUPERM).

Kai has been an active member of both groups as he participated in Super M’s last full-length album ‘Super One’ that was released in September, 2020. Following the release, Kai was also part of the new comeback with EXO where seven of the nine members from the group came together for a ‘special album’ which was their seventh mini-album, ‘Don't Fight the Feeling’, released in June, 2021.


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Kai goes solo a second time

Following releases with Super M and EXO, Kai released his first-ever solo album, ‘KAI - The First Mini-Album’ which featured six songs with the title track, ‘Mmmh’ dominating charts, sales as well as achieving music show wins. The agency revealed that Kai is preparing for his new solo album with the goal of making a comeback in the year 2021 itself.

Reports suggest that Kai is potentially looking to release the album at the end of November, 2021. Kai, who debuted as the main dancer of the group in the year 2014, had a very well-received release for his mini-album in 2020 and his overwhelming popularity marked his position as a solo artist.


Kolo is coming

Fans are overwhelmed with the news. Back in 2020 when Kai's solo album was first announced, fans started trending ‘Kolo is coming’. This time around as well, fans have started talking about how the album is going to be very successful and how excited they are about the album saying. One fan said, “WE’RE SO CLOSE TO KJI2! KAI TEASERS FROM MERCHBOT SOON!” Another fan said, “I AM SUMMONED!!!! KOLO ON NOVEMBER HUHU.”

One more fan said, “KAI IS COMING… KJI2 IS ON THE WAY....KOLO 2.” One fan said, “KJI2 IN LATE NOVEMBER!! KAI IS COMING BACK 🤩 I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE CONCEPT FOR THE UPCOMING ALBUM!” Another fan said, “Oh my heart finally kolo 2 is coming soon.” One fan also said, “THE WORLD CLASS PERFORMER IS COMING BACK.”