Ateez SELL OUT second world tour in 1 week, fans say 'it's only the beginning'

Ateez SELL OUT second world tour in 1 week, fans say 'it's only the beginning'
Ateez sell out second world tour (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Ateez is just one of the many K-pop artists finally getting a chance to go on their much-awaited world tour. Due to the pandemic, a lot of world tours planned in 2020 were canceled, including Ateez’s. The fourth-gen K-pop group had their first world tour in 2019 which was a smashing hit. Fans found it impressive as they were still rookies. Well, a lot of Atinys (Ateez’s fandom) were disheartened when the second world tour was canceled as they were looking forward to some of their iconic stages live like ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Answer’. But don’t fret, we are finally getting their second world tour.

When groups like BTS, Monsta X and TWICE announced that they would be having overseas concerts, there were rumors that Ateez would be joining this lineup. And during, their special online concert for their fanclub anniversary on November 14, Ateez announced their world tour. Ateez announced that ‘The Fellowship: Beginning of the End’ would be their second tour and it would begin with a three-day concert in Seoul, South Korea from January 7, 2022. Well, it has already been a success as tickets of 10 cities were sold out in minutes when the ticket sales began.

Ateez sells out 2022 World Tour tickets in MINUTES, fans say ‘your power is unreal’

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Ateez to have a sold out world tour

Ateez had begun their 2020 world tour with a 2-day concert in Seoul, following which they were supposed to get on with their European leg of the tour. But the global lockdown began a few weeks before they could travel. ‘The Fellowship: Map The Treasure’ began in Seoul in February, 2020 and the boys were supposed to travel to Spain in March for the rest of the 2020 tour before it was postponed indefinitely. It was finally canceled.

But Atinys have one more chance to see the boys perform live. The 2022 world tour will begin in Seoul followed by five stops in USA in January 2022. The European leg of the tour will start in February from Amsterdam with six stops. Fans noted that the arenas were much larger than the stops they had in 2019 with them performing at the likes of the Olympic Hall, Prudential Center, Mercedes-Benz Arena and Wembley Arena. And while trolls and antis wondered if Ateez were setting up themselves to fail, fans proved them wrong.

Within minutes of the ticket sales beginning, Ateez sold out for 10 out of the 12 cities except for Seoul and Paris on November 18. The tickets for Seoul and Paris were said to be on sale later. The 3-day concert tickets for Seoul were sold out during the fanclub pre-sale period. And as of November 22, Ateez officially has a sold out world tour. This is a new record high for the three-year old K-pop group.

'Ateez World Domination'

Happy fans made tweets like, “Ateez sold out venues for their 2022 world tour in minutes. they’re definitely gonna go for stadiums next time around, especially with the growing amount of people that wanna see them. if you couldn’t get tickets don’t be discouraged, this is really only the beginning.” Another Atiny shared, “How do i tell this hongjoong that ateez world tour sold out in minutes.” One added, “So proud ateez world domination.”




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