Ateez take legal action over sasaengs stalking them, fans urge KQ to 'protect them'

Ateez take legal action over sasaengs stalking them, fans urge KQ to 'protect them'
Ateez takes legal action (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

On October 28, Ateez’s label KQ Entertainment shared a worrying statement that has angered fans. They mentioned that they had previously been informed of certain people arriving at Ateez’s private schedules and spaces and invading their privacy through illegal methods. Also known as sasaengs (stalkers), they have gone too far to the point that the members are suffering psychologically. KQ also shared that it was also damaging their work.

But what they said next shocked fans. KQ recently caught sasaengs trying to track Ateez’s location by using a GPS tracker. It seems that they had attached a location tracking device to one of the group’s business vehicles. The label informed Atinys (Ateez’s fandom) that this had been the limit and that now they would be going to the concerned authorities. KQ explained that legal action was being taken and the police were looking into the matter. To also make sure that it doesn’t happen again, punishment will be given without any leniency or settlement. 

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Sasaengs put GPS trackers on Ateez’s vehicle

KQ added, “We will continue to implement the existing blacklist system and legal measures to respond to infringement of artists’ privacy, and those who violate it will be excluded from all fan participation and activities without prior notice.” They also shared their email -- so that fans can send them reports of any future infringement of Ateez’s privacy. In the past, sasaengs have followed Ateez while they have been out on unofficial schedules. Some of them sometimes are fansites who follow and take pictures of idols and then sell them.

Angry fans made tweets like, “Sssaeng is so fcking sick…,” “WHAT THE ACTUAL FCK?????  SASAENG FANS CAN REALLY GO THIS FAR??? are u even serious??” and “Sasaeng’s confuse me bc do they think their idol would appreciate them stalking them and invading their privacy??? do they think that’ll make them love them or something ??” One grateful Atiny shared, “But don't you love how kq is always there to protect ateez in any cost and takes actual legal action also whatever happens they immediately inform us too so that we can be aware of sasaeng fansites ㅠㅠ there's no company like kq.”






Another fan added, “I don't want to see any sasaeng make a phone call or even trying to sneak into their dorm or else imma bring this hongjoong to rip ur soul.” One Atiny posted, “i know jongho can just break those sasaeng into two but kq please add more bodyguard or wtv necessary to ensure ateez's safety.” Another said, “Thank you kq for doing your responsibilities well! The company and the fans should always protect ateez. This sasaeng srs crossed the line :((.” One fan commented, “If it's illegal for you to punch a sasaeng, I volunteer. I'll punch a sasaeng for free. I will do the time. Fly me over and they can catch these hands.” The news has also marred the happy announcement that Yunho would be hosting the 2021 SBS Super Concert in Daegu, “The mood swing between being so mad finding out atz serious sasaeng issue and finding out Yunho is MCing a live event is pretty much as wild as trying to get digitals.”






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