Ateez sells out 2022 World Tour tickets in MINUTES, fans say ‘your power is unreal’

The 2022 world tour from Ateez titled, ‘The Fellowship: Beginning of the End’ was sold out in 10 out of 12 cities within minutes of opening for sale

                            Ateez sells out 2022 World Tour tickets in MINUTES, fans say ‘your power is unreal’
Ateez proves their World Domination after selling out tickets for their 2022 World Tour 'The Fellowship: Beginning of the End' (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Ateez is one of the steadily growing groups in the K-pop industry and it looks like the eight-member group is showing no sign of slowing down. The group announced their 2022 world tour dates on November 15 alongside many other K-pop acts. Now that most of the world trying to go back to normal after being vaccinated for Covid-19 and agencies as well as groups following government-established protocols, it is becoming easier for fans and audiences to greet their favorite artists.

This year itself is going to be seeing one of those fan interactions with BTS meeting fans in LA for their ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ concerts as well as many other K-pop groups meeting fans with in-person fan meetings, things are going back to normal. Not for Ateez though, because what just happened in the fandom does not seem just normal, it is beyond fabulous.


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Ateez World Tour sold out!

On November 19, it was reported that Ateez’s 2022 World Tour for America and Europe concerts were ‘sold out’ as soon as ticket sales were opened. Ateez's 2022 World Tour titled,  'The Fellowship: Beginning of the End' (stylized in all caps) will start in Seoul in January next year, followed by international cities like Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam, London, Europe, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, and Madrid. The group is expected to give an “out of the world” show to fans with a total of  14 performances in a total of the 12 aforementioned cities.

It is reported that Ateez has recorded a new high with the group selling out all tickets for 10 out of the 12 cities with Seoul and Paris tour tickets still remaining. The sale of tickets for Ateez’s 2022 concerts was opened at 11 pm KST (9 am ET) on November 18 and within a few minutes, fans reported that they were not able to buy any more tickets as they were declared to be “sold out”


Ateez receives an overwhelming response

In particular, the United Kingdom ticketing sites reported that they saw a total of 54,000 simultaneous users on their sites all attempting to buy tickets for the concerts as soon as the sales opened which is an explosive response to a group like Ateez that comes from a comparatively smaller label like KQ Entertainment and have made it to the top based solely on their talent, skills, and hard work.

When asked about the overwhelming response Ateez was seeing in terms of ticket sales, a representative of KQ Entertainment that said, “We are realizing the warm reaction of global fans who have been waiting for Ateez to meet them soon.” As of now, Ateez has opened the sale of tickets for their opening concert in Seoul, South Korea.


‘Proud is an understatement’

Fans are now shocked by Ateez’s as well as Atiny’s (their fandom) unreal power. One fan said, “Ur telling me.. that this big ass stadium… sold out in a matter of minutes. @ATEEZofficial ur power is unreal.” Another fan said, “THIS IS CRAZY. ATEEZ TICKETS SOLD OUT IN MINUTES.” One more fan said, “Guess I can cross seeing ATEEZ off my list. there wasn’t anything available besides seats in the back & it wouldn’t even let me add it to my cart so I’m assuming it’s sold out already.” One fan noted, “Ateez really sold out this venue in berlin.”

One fan pointed out that, “This was how loud the crowd was for the NY ateez concert last tour with like 800 fans.. imagine how loud a sold out prudential stadium with 20k seats will be.” One more said, “ATEEZ sold out tickets in 8+ cities within minutes. proud is an understatement. i’m so excited they’ve waited so long to perform in front of atinys again!!” One fan said, “The way i pulled an all nighter for ateez ..just so ticketmaster COULD LEAVE THE STATUS AS " SOLD OUT" for Chicago."

One fan said, “Ateez entire Europe and US tour sold out within MINUTES ohhh the headlines are gonna be good for this one.” Another fan said, “Ateez and kq should really consider looking into bigger venues for the next tour, because the way tickets sold out SO quickly and there’s still people who want to go…it’s insane. 17-20k capacity arenas won’t be enough anymore.” One more fan said, “Ateez concert tickets getting sold out in under 5mns on various venues. its not just a tour, its ateez WORLD DOMINATION.”




















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