Ateez, NCT 127 and TWICE gear up for world tours with US and European stadium gigs

VeriVery, Epik High and Eric Nam are among the other well-known K-pop acts to announce world tours besides Ateez, NCT 127 and TWICE

                            Ateez, NCT 127 and TWICE gear up for world tours with US and European stadium gigs
Ateez, NCT 127 and TWICE have announced world tours (@ATEEZofficial, @NCTsmtown_127, @JYPETWICE/Twitter)

With the pandemic getting more manageable, more and more in-person events are taking place. We’ve had theatres opening up and matches with a live audience. We also have groups like BTS playing standalone offline concerts and award shows inviting K-pop artists to perform as the year draws to a close. In fact, South Korea was one of the first few countries to handle the pandemic swiftly and have everyday life return to a state of near-normalcy. The K-pop industry has also been the least affected with artists continuing to release their music and promote it on shows. We have also had select offline fansigns and pop-up stores for albums and merchandise. Now three big K-pop acts, Ateez, NCT 127 and TWICE, have announced world tours.

Back in September, BTS became one of the first K-pop artists to announce overseas concerts. They are set to have a 4-day concert in LA with more dates and cities in the works. We’ve also had groups like P1Harmony promoting their movie in USA while Monsta X has been invited to iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball tour for the third time. VeriVery, Epik High and Eric Nam were the latest to announce world tours while The Boyz have announced their first offline concert in 2 years. And now, we’ve got confirmed dates for Ateez, NCT 127 and TWICE’s upcoming world tour.

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World tours back on the menu

Ateez first had an online concert for their Fanclub anniversary on November 14. Following the success of the ‘Ateez XR Show [Fever: eXtended edition]’, the K-pop group had something more in store for fans. At the end of the concert, Ateez announced that they would be having their second world tour. Their second world tour was initially supposed to take place in 2020 and there were rumors last month that it was finally happening. Well, fans don’t have to wait anymore. Ateez has announced ‘The Fellowship: Beginning of the End’. It will begin in Seoul with a 3-day concert from January 7, 2022. They will then have five stops in USA followed by the European leg of the tour in February.


While fans were lamenting about NCT 127’s absence in early 2021, the members are now busier than ever. They had back-to-back comebacks in the last two months followed by the announcement of a full group comeback. NCT 2021 is set to come back with their third album ‘Universe’ on December 14. But it doesn’t look like the NCT 127 members will have any time to breathe because on December 17, they will be beginning the domestic leg of their second world tour ‘Neo City: Seoul The Link’. It will be a 3-day concert in Seoul with the third day also being live-streamed on YES24’s platform. Tickets will go on sale on November 19. Their second world tour was initially supposed to happen in June 2020 before it got canceled with concerts planned in the US as well. So we can expect them to revive those plans once the international leg of their tour kicks off.


TWICE announced their upcoming world tour in the most exciting way. It was mentioned on a ‘coming soon’ poster at the end of the music video of their first English single ‘The Feels’. Well, on November 15, more information was released by JYPE. Titled ‘III’, it will be their fourth world tour. ‘III’ will begin with a 3-day event in Seoul from December 24 before the girls head to USA for the American leg of their tour in February. Currently, five American cities have been announced with more to come. Fans have an additional reason to can rejoice because it looks like Jeongyeon, who was previously on a hiatus, will be joining the group on tour.

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