Jongho to miss Ateez schedule as his grandfather dies, fans send condolences

Jongho to miss Ateez schedule as his grandfather dies, fans send condolences
Fans send Jongho supportive messages (@ateez_official_/Instagram)

Fans are excited for Ateez’s ‘Fever Part 3’ album since it is the first OT8 comeback of the year. With Mingi finally coming back from his hiatus after half a year, all eight members of the K-pop group will be participating and performing. The era is already iconic with Ateez continuing the title track voting tradition. Fans have to pick between ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and ‘Deja Vu’ as the title track of the album. And Atinys have been having fun with the ‘K-pop Elections’. Unfortunately, Jongho will not be able to participate fully due to his knee injury and his grandfather's death.

The youngest member previously encountered a knee injury. His label KQ Entertainment had to release a statement assuring fans that Jongho was better but sadly his participation in the performances would be limited. This is why he did not dance in the performance teasers that Ateez released for ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and ‘Deja Vu’. Additionally, it was announced on September 8 that Jongho’s grandfather had died.


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Jongho to be absent from Ateez schedules

KQ gave their condolences and informed Atinys that due to the tragic event, Jongho will not be appearing for Ateez’s schedule for this week. He will also be absent from the group preparations for Fever Part 3’s release. But they have revealed that he will be returning and appearing with Ateez on the day of the release with the comeback showcase that will be held on September 13. Atinys from all over the globe have been sending him well wishes and supportive messages on social media and Ateez’s Fancafe.

Atinys made posts like “My deepest condolences to jongho and his family. i hope he'll take his time to heal and that he'll be able to feel atiny's warmth, love and support,” “Our deepest condolences for our maknae Jongho and family, may his grandfather rest in peace,” and “Jongho we're sorry to know that :( you're strong, you're loved, may ur grandpa rest in peace.. we love u, bless ur family too <33 also a fast recovery for u! God Bless You.”




Concept photos 


At the same time, to cheer up fans, KQ dropped concept photos for the performance. The boys are seen wearing the same outfits they wore in the performance teasers. They released group photos that include Jongho, as well as individual images for the first four members — Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho and Yeosang. Atinys couldn’t help but make memes as they noticed that Seonghwa’s concept photo accidentally said Hongjoong. The concept photos for the remaining four will be released tomorrow on September 9 at 12 pm and 6 pm KST (September 8 at 11 pm and September 9 at 5 am ET).


Ateez members vote for the title track


We also got a glimpse of the members’ pick for the title track as KQ released a video as the boys were voting. While most of them tried to be surreptitious, San being San voted for both title tracks. He threw both of the chits towards the bowl and the one that landed inside became his choice. Mingi did not even try to hide his vote which is why KQ had to blur out his choice. Smart Atinys also deduced some of the members’ picks. Yeosang, Jongho and Mingi might have chosen 'Deja Vu' while it looks like Wooyoung picked ‘Eternal Sunshine’.

Celebrities like choreographers and dancers Honey J and no:ze, Kwanghee, Super Junior's Eunhyuk, Block B's B-Bomb and Taeil, TXT's Yeonjun, comedians Hong Yoon-hwa and Kim Min-gi and child star Nonoka Murakata were also asked to vote for their favorite track.

Watch Ateez voting for their favorite title track below.


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