Ateez Wooyoung's chaotic livestream trends as TXT's Yeonjun calls him his 'lover'

Wooyoung called his little brother and TXT's Yeonjun in a livestream and asked them to pick their favorite title track for Ateez's upcoming album

                            Ateez Wooyoung's chaotic livestream trends as TXT's Yeonjun calls him his 'lover'
Ateez's Wooyoung talks to friends and family asking them their picks for the group's upcoming comeback (Ateez/VLive, @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

K-pop’s third-generation hardly saw any inter-group interactions outside of award shows but the fourth generation of K-pop is here to make sure that fan wars are put to an end. With the way members of the current fourth-generation groups interact with each other, one can be sure that they are all very close to one another. A few days ago, fans of TXT and Ateez joked about the prospects of Ateez’s Seonghwa and TXT’s Soobin being a couple when both boys posted photos of themselves with the same caption.

On September 1, Seonghwa posted mirror selfies of himself as he captioned the post, “Please take good care of me in September as well.” Around the same time, Soobin posted a thread of photos with the exact same caption. Both boys were wearing suits in the said photos that got fans joking about the coincidence as they were accusing the two boys of dating each other as a joke.


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Ateez's Wooyoung livestreams and talks to fans (Ateez/VLive)

Wooyoung livestreams days before comeback

With TXT’s Soobin going live on V Live and him joining Oneus’ Keonhee’s livestream only for fans to tell Keonhee about it through the comments. As Soobin was busy watching the livestream and talking to fans, something else was going on. As if it wasn’t enough interaction for MOAs To Moons and Atinys, Wooyoung from Ateez and Yeonjun from TXT has now professed their immense love for each other.

At the same time as Soobin was livestreaming, Wooyoung went live to discuss his take on the title track battle for Ateez’s upcoming album. Wooyoung declared that he is Team ‘Deja Vu’ and not Team ‘Eternal Sunshine’. During the live, Wooyoung called his little brother Kyungmin as he asked what his choice for the title track was and Kyungmin said that he picked ‘Eternal Sunshine.’ Soon after that Wooyuong started discussing his new phone and talked about how Changbin from Stray Kids told him that he liked ‘Deja Vu’ a lot. He also said that he listens to ‘Thunderous’ by Stray Kids a lot too as he plays the song and raps along Changbin’s verse.

Ateez's Wooyoung shows fans he has been listening to 'Thunderous' by Stray Kids a lot these days (Ateez/VLive)

Wooyoung-Yeonjun dating news

Wooyoung then tells fans that he hasn’t asked Yeonjun from TXT his pick from ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and ‘Deja Vu’. He calls Yeonjun on the phone even stating that Yeonjun has been very busy off lately. Yeonjun answers his call right away and Wooyoung asks him if he has voted for his favorite track. Yeonjun says he hasn’t gotten the chance to see it yet. Wooyoung says it is understandable, knowing that Yeonjun had been busy with promotions for TXT’s album. Wooyoung asks Yeonjun to watch it right away and vote as he already expects Yeonjun’s pick.

Ateez's Wooyoung calls TXT's Yeonjun 'jhagia' (Ateez/VLive)

Yeonjun Wooyoung "jhagias"

Yeonjun watches both clips but as soon as he sees the intro to ‘Deja Vu’, he knows he is Team ‘Deja Vu’. Yeonjun then said that when his song releases Wooyoung needs to let him know. He addressed Wooyoung as “jhagia” meaning lover or baby in Korean which is the equivalent to a term of endearment. Wooyoung responded by saying it releases on September 13 to which Yeonjun responded saying it is the same day as his birthday.

Wooyoung, who seconds ago called Yeonjun his lover, is shocked at the revelation and asks Yeonjun if he is joking. Yeonjun then says he is hurt that Wooyoung doesn’t remember his birthday. Wooyoung immediately counters if Yeonjun remembers his birthday and Yeonjun slowly answers “November 26” as Wooyoung playfully argues that he looked up his birthday. Yeonjun wishes him all the best for the album as he ends the call.


‘Where are the dating rumors?’

Fans are having their own fun as they start discussing inside jokes on how Yeonjun is cheating on Soobin with Wooyoung. One fan said, “Soobin and seonghwa out there with dating r umors and then there's yeonjun and wooyoung calling eo jagiya on live broadcast,” while another said, “Soobin is watching oneus vlive while doing a vlive and minutes ago yeonjun was in a call with wooyoung helppp.”

One fan pointed out that, “How did Soobin and Seonghwa get dating rumors before Yeonjun and Wooyoung is the real question,” while another said, “Where are yeonjun and wooyoung dating rumors???” One fan posted, “Yeonjun calling wooyoung sexy im crying.” Another fan said, “Wooyoung only realising today that september 13th is yeonjun’s birthday despite knowing each other for like 8 years is very wooyoung of him.”







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