KCON:TACT HI 5: Date, lineup, where to livestream and all about virtual K-pop event

KCON:TACT HI 5: Date, lineup, where to livestream and all about virtual K-pop event
SF9 at KCON:TACT 4U in June 2021 (@kconofficial/Instagram)

KCON is back with yet another virtual edition. After witnessing the success of the last four online KCON:TACT versions, its organization, CJ ENM has decided to take the K-pop event one step further. KCON is the biggest K-pop convention in the world and has gone onto maintaining its popularity by taking the Coachella like festival online. While other music festivals and conventions have been hit by the pandemic and lockdown rules, KCON has taken the technology available and adapted as we will see with KCON:TACT HI 5.

While fans are excited that they still get to see their favorites perform and interact with them, CJ ENM was not happy as they felt like the online version of KCON, KCON:TACT basically felt like a Zoom conference. To show their gratitude to the 17.45 million fans that participate, KCON:TACT HI 5 has vowed to enhance the video call meet-and-greets, virtual high-fives and KCON Arena where the idols will perform. Well, here’s the lineup, ticket details and schedule of the fifth edition of KCON:TACT.



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KCON:TACT 4U (@kconofficial/Instagram)

Air date and time

KCON:TACT HI 5 will take place from September 18 to September 26. 
The performance shows will take place from 9 pm to 12 am KST (8 am to 11 am ET). The KCON World Premiere will take place on September 26 at 7 pm KST (6 am ET). Mini challenges like the #HI5Challenge have begun and will be gradually released on YouTube.


Where to live stream

With a membership, one can watch KCON:TACT HI 5 and participate in the meet-and-greet (M&G) on KCON and Mnet K-POP’s official YouTube channels. 
Those in South Korea can only watch it on the TVING app. 
Viewers from the Philippines can only watch it on the Smart app. 
Those from Japan can only watch it on YouTube or PIA.

Those who do not have a membership can watch the performances and certain clips on KCON and Mnet K-POP’s YouTube channels.


Everglow at KCON:TACT 4U (@kconofficial/Instagram)


A paid membership is required to watch all KCON:TACT HI 5 content, as well as participate in the M&G. It can be purchased on KCON’s website or YouTube channel.
Types of memberships:
'KCON:TACT' - Can live stream the show, M&G, delayed streaming of the world premiere, display of loyalty badges to username, use of custom emojis in comments and live chat.
'KCON:TACT Plus' - 'KCON:TACT' perks, FanPick Cam live streaming, multi-angle view during live streaming, replay streaming of the show, the M&G and the world premiere
'KCON:TACT Premium' - 'KCON:TACT' and 'Plus' perks, show and M&G VOD, dance practice VOD, FanPick Cam VOD, Backstage Behind VOD


Idol lineup

Lee Gikwang will be hosting the M&G.

First lineup (@kconofficial/Instagram)


September 18
AB6IX - Show, M&G 
Highlight - Show, M&G
Park Jihoon - Show
Weeekly - Show, M&G
WEi - Show


Second lineup (@kconofficial/Instagram)


September 19 
Dreamcatcher - Show, M&G
Enhypen - Show, M&G (Since six out of seven members have Covid-19, Enhypen will not be appearing. Whether they will participate on a later date or not will be announced later. The tickets for the festival will not be refunded.) UPDATE: Kwon Eunbi will be replacing Enhypen.
GHOST9 - Show
Stray Kids - Show, M&G


Girls Planet 999 - Special Stage

Third lineup (@kconofficial/Instagram)


September 24
Ateez - Show, M&G
Ciipher - Show
Mamamoo - Show, M&G
Woodz - Show, M&G


Fourth lineup (@kconofficial/Instagram)


September 25
BTOB - Show, M&G
JO1 - Show
Kim Jaehwan - Show, M&G
Purple Kiss - Show
TO1 - Show, M&G


Street Woman Fighter - Special Stage

Fifth lineup (@kconofficial/Instagram)


September 26 
Itzy - Show, M&G
ONF - Show, M&G
Rain - Show
T1419 - Show
The Boyz - Show, M&G


Stray Kids at KCON:TACT 4U (@kconofficial/Instagram)

Types of events 

Fans can participate in different types of events like concerts as an online audience and be part of the meet-and-greets.


Live KCON-ers

Fans can be a part of the audience and have one-on-one video calls with their favorite artists.

Fan Featuring

Fans can also participate on the stage by singing along and in other ways.

Fan Zone


Fans can send an invitation to their favorite artists to join their Fan Zone, which is their room decorated with the artists’ merch.

Fan Request

If fans have any requests for a special stage, missions where idols of different groups can interact, they can also leave a comment.

Apply on Mwave’s website to participate in these events. Minors cannot apply.

KCON Studio


KCON Studio will be held on September 9, 10 and 13 by industry experts who will chat about K-pop, do Q&As and workshops. 
Lai Frances and Jeff Benjamin will host the opening ceremony on September 9 at 6 pm PDT on Twitter Space.
Riley Tollett will be the MC and host an M&G for violinist Jun and his fans on September 10 at 6 pm PDT.
Tiffany Lui of Lovely St, Shop will host a workshop for KCON style Polco (polaroid decorating) on September 13 at 6 pm PDT.


Apply on KCON’s website to participate in the KCON Studio events for free.

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 KCON:TACT HI 5: Date, lineup, where to livestream and about the virtual K-pop event