TWICE 'Taste of Love' Full Tracklist & Lyrics: ONCE want 'Baby Blue Love' as title song

From 'Scandal' and 'Baby Blue Love', here are all the B-aide tracks that got the fans bopping

                            TWICE 'Taste of Love' Full Tracklist & Lyrics: ONCE want 'Baby Blue Love' as title song
TWICE releases 'Taste of Love' with 'Alcohol Free' music video (TWICE Twitter)

The global popular girl group, TWICE, has released their summer album, 'Taste of Love', and some of the tracks have gone straight up to the top chatters of Twitter as an early favorite of Twice fans. From 'Scandal' and 'Baby Blue Love' to 'First Time', here are all the B-aide tracks that got the fans bopping.

ONCE, as TWICE fans are called has also pointed out how the B-side tracks written by the incredibly talented TWICE members are just as good as the title track, urging JYPE to give the members an opportunity to write the title track as well. 'Taste of Love', TWICE's 10th mini-album was released on June 11  with six tracks including their 2020 hit 'Cry For Me' English Version.


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TWICE is back with a mini summer album (TWICE Twitter)

Full tracklist and lyrics

Check out the tracklist of 'Taste of Love' below.


The title track of 'Taste of Love', 'Alcohol-Free', is a mellow summer number with sleek Bossa Nova vibes and 'drunk in love' lyrics. Along with the vibrant summery music video, ONCE have loved the vocal harmonization, especially the chorus part where Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu and Mina sing: "Suddenly love feels so easy/ So I fall deeper and deeper for you/ That's what you do to me!" Check out 'Alcohol-Free' music video below:


'Baby Blue Love'

Written by NAYEON, Karen Poole, Anne Judith Wik, Ronny Svendsen & Nermin Harambašić, 'Baby Blue Love' is one of the early hits that fans can't get enough of. The high-energy number with sassy lyrics where Nayeon and Jihyo sing, "Hey, boy, play the track/ 'Cause you give me heart attack/ You're my baby blue love and/ Get my body rockin'", has made fans fall in love with the B-side track. Check the complete lyrics here. Check out 'Baby Blue Love' song below:



Written by DAHYUN, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke, Erik Smaaland & Alida Garpestad, 'Scandal' is that TWICE up-tempo track that flaunts the group's flexible vocals with catchy hooks that fans can't help but looping. TWICE proudly singing, "Baby, we're a scandal/ Way too hot to handle/ You can't keep your eyes off/ And it's just the way I like!" is just the summer vibe that ONCE needed. Check the lyrics here.

Check out the entire playlist below:


Check out the lyrics of the tracks here.

Fans took to Twitter to shower praise on the K-pop stars for the absolute rocker B-side tracks. A fan noted, "Jihyo wrote First Time, Dahyun wrote scandal and S.O.S, Sana wrote conversations and Nayeon Baby Blue Love I'm sorry but Jyp needs to put his pride aside and let the girls write their title track cause they're EATING THEIR CEO UP!" Another fan chimed in saying, "baby blue love could've easily been the title track but JYP couldn't accept the fact that the girls could write better songs!"



In love with 'Taste of Love'? Stream their early hit 'Scandal' below:


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