Who is TWICE Nayeon's stalker? Fans flood JYPE with requests to take action

The stalker claims that he will fly to South Korea soon to meet TWICE's Nayeon, leaving fans furious who ask JYPE to take action

                            Who is TWICE Nayeon's stalker? Fans flood JYPE with requests to take action
TWICE's Nayeon is being stalked for quite some time now (TWICE Instagram)

Stalking is one of the biggest problems that K-Pop idols face. Those who end up obsessing over idols to the point that they become delusional and start stalking idols are the bane of success. Such people are termed as 'sasaengs' in the Korean society. They call themselves fans while repeatedly harassing idols. Legal action is possible like anywhere in the world against stalkers, but when it comes to K-Pop, it isn’t so easy. Most of them come from rich, influential families or easily evade the blacklists put out by companies. And it isn’t just limited to Koreans. K-Pop itself has gone global and stalkers now come from many countries. The latest idol being stalked happens to be TWICE’s Nayeon.

#ProtectNayeon and #RespectNayeon trended on Twitter as TWICE fans noticed that there was one very dangerous stalker who could probably harm Nayeon. Even after getting verification that Nayeon’s stalker indeed would go to all lengths to meet her, JYP Entertainment stayed silent, leading to ONCEs being exasperated over the matter. While some believed that JYPE was taking legal action behind the scenes and was simply silent as to not alert the stalker, many want a response. In fact, GOT7 who was under JYPE till 2021 were constantly harassed by sasaengs. They'd leak phone numbers and home addresses of the GOT7 members with JYPE taking no action.


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Nayeon’s stalker makes a move

Due to such inconsistent decisions taken by JYPE, ONCEs want to make sure for their mental well-being and Nayeon’s that something is being done about this particular stalker. Josh, a German citizen, claimed that he became a fan of TWICE and Nayeon back in 2016. His feelings grew to the point that he believed he was in love with her and started posting YouTube videos in 2019, trying to get in touch with her.

He kept posting videos that he would soon visit her. When ONCEs and Nayeon became aware of him, they tried to deter him by politely asking him to leave her alone. For a while, he disappeared before coming back in full force. He recently posted a video stating that he was just waiting for his Covid-19 vaccine after which he would fly to South Korea and drop by JYPE to meet the K-Pop idol.

Fans did consider if he is just a troll who won’t take any real action and is just playing games with Nayeon. But either way, ONCEs want him to stop and have started trending on Twitter and mass emailing every JYPE email to make sure that they are aware of this stalker. One user said: “ONCES PLS DON'T IGNORE THIS TWICE's Nayeon, is in danger, again. (j0sh) the stalker is waiting for his COVID testing results to fly to South Korea and JYPE is not doing anything about it. In the link you'll find a doc with instructions of what we should email to JYPE.”

Another fan tweeted, “i have to believe that JYPE is aware of his movements and are taking necessary precautions to keep him away. i don’t think the company can take any legitimate legal actions against him until he breaks the law or something. i just hope the girls stay safe and HE STAYS AWAY.” One ONCE tried to appeal to the stalker, “josh haven't you had enough? don't you consider NY's feelings and what she'll think abt this? you selfish mf just stop, stop dreaming and wake up that she doesn't love you, JYPE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE OF THIS.” Another tried to explain how unpleasant it would be for the man if he didn’t stop, “Stalker, please just stop cause that's not right and there are consequences for your actions.”