TWICE drops 'Get The Feels With TWICE' teaser, fans wonder if it's a Taylor Swift collab

TWICE announces a new song with mysterious teasers of an envelope, fans try to decipher and wonder if Taylor Swift is collaborating with them

                            TWICE drops 'Get The Feels With TWICE' teaser, fans wonder if it's a Taylor Swift collab
Are TWICE and Taylor Swift going to collaborate? (@JYPETWICE, @taylorswift13/Twitter)

TWICE, the K-pop girl group are set to release new music once again. Back in June, they released their tenth mini-album ‘Taste of Love’ with the lead single ‘Alcohol-Free’. The comeback was an exceptional one as they swept the charts along with several music show wins. ‘Alcohol-Free’s’ music video garnered 20 million Youtube views in the first 24 hours while the physical album sold more than 43k copies making it the best selling album of the week in USA. And two months later, they’re back once again. 

As one of the leading third-gen K-pop girl groups, TWICE continues to release successful albums. In fact, they made Billboard history with ‘Taste of Love’ by debuting at #6 on Billboard 200. This makes them the first female K-pop act and second K-pop act, in general, to enter in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart with a mini-album. Their next release, the Japanese album ‘Perfect World’ also fared well on Japanese charts like #1 on Billboard Japan and #2 on Oricon. This makes fans wonder if their next song will be an English collab with Taylor Swift.

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TWICE releases song teaser

JYPE first posted a teaser image on August 2. In a pink pastel room, a stark white envelope with TWICE’s seal is slipped through the door. The teaser image also has the caption, “Oh! You got my attention.” ONCEs were confused as they wondered what the teaser image was for. Then a second teaser image was released on August 4. In it, the letter is finally taken out of the door and is being held by a girl. It also has a caption - “Uh, I’m so curious.” The post also had the hashtag ‘#GetTheFeelsWithTWICE’.


ONCEs started trending the hashtag along with other phrases stating their curiosity. Many believe that it is a teaser for TWICE’s next single. Due to the captions in both the teaser images, some even believe that they could be the lyrics of an upcoming English song.

Fans were also impressed by the quality of the teasers as it had done the job of piquing everyone’s interest. Others went on to joke about the timing that at this rate the letter would just be passed between all nine members and it would take a month to actually reveal what the teasers were for.


Is it a collab with Taylor Swift?

One fan tweeted, “I think these are the few lyrics from their upcoming English single :D.” Another tweeted, “When did they get so good at making teasers for TWICE?” One tweeted, “Bruh it took them 2 whole days to get the envelope out of the door slot... WILL THEY EVER OPEN IT!?!?!” Another tweeted, “If they will keep this pattern, maybe the single will drop on sept 3.” Some went as far as to wonder if it is a collab with Taylor Swift because of the hands in the teaser. One tweeted, “Hold up Taylor Sunbaenim,LETS CLOWN THE NIGHT AWAY.” Another tweeted, “Im going crazy. I literally just saw the ring and called it a taylor swift x twice collaboration.”








Fans also wondered which TWICE member was holding the letter, “These look like jihyo's hands to me,, who do you guys think it is? drop the tags too!!” Another tweeted, “My guess is that this is chaeyoung's hand. idk why but i just feel like it's her GET THE FEELS WITH TWICE.” But another tweeted, “Honestly idk I have a strong feeling that this is dahyun's hand.” Giving up, fans finally asked for spoilers, “NAYEON, OUR SPOILER QUEEN, WE NEED YOU RN.” One tried to guess the schedule for the teaser reveal, "Monday: letter arrived Wednesday: letter received in their hands Friday: letter is opened????"