BTS on BBC Radio 1: Air time, date, how to watch 'Dynamite' performance on ‘Live Lounge’

With BBC Radio 1's 'Live Lounge' known for creating iconic song covers, expectations for BTS' appearance are high

                            BTS on BBC Radio 1: Air time, date, how to watch 'Dynamite' performance on ‘Live Lounge’
BTS to perform on BBC Radio 1 (@bangtan.official/Facebook)

Ever since the boys dropped the ‘Butter’ CD and ‘Permission to Dance’, BTS has been busy. From the 2-day takeover event on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ and walking for the Louis Vuitton fashion show to the news that they will be attending the UN General Assembly, the boys haven’t had time to rest. And now their latest gig happens to be at BBC Radio where they will be performing their songs and a special cover.

BBC Radio 1 announced on July 22 that BTS would be appearing for the first time on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Live Lounge’. The radio show is a popular show hosted in UK where fans from all over the world tune in to see their favorite artists get interviewed and perform iconic covers. From Halsey covering Jonas Brothers’ ‘Sucker’ to Ed Sheeran covering Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’, ‘Live Lounge’ has generated several legendary covers and expectations are high for BTS. While the radio host Adele Roberts has interviewed BTS before for BBC Radio, this will be the first time that they will be performing on the radio show.


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Date and time

BTS will be appearing on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Live Lounge’ on July 27 at 7 am ET (8 pm KST). Other platforms like BBC 1 and BBC iPlayer will also release it on July 28.
Their interview with Adele Roberts will be on July 28 at 5.35 pm ET (July 29 at 6:35 am KST).

How to watch

The performances will be available on Radio 1’s ‘Live Lounge’ website and YouTube channel. It will also be available on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Sounds app.
The interview will be available on BBC 1 and BBC iPlayer.


BTS will be performing their 2020 English single ‘Dynamite’. It will then be followed by their latest hit English single ‘Permission to Dance’. Additionally, they will be doing a special cover of ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans. The song actually is a slowed-down, R&B version of the famous '90s song ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police, which has got fans excited to see. The next day, BTS will be interviewed by the radio show's host Adele Roberts.


One fan tweeted, “Bts are gonna be performing "I"ll be missing you". this is so huge! the song is a classic and has such meaningful lyrics! bangtan is versatile and their vocal capacity is insane. the fact that they are gonna cover such an iconic song is just everything.” Another excited Army tweeted, “I JUST SCREAMED IN THE KIDDLE OF HOME BARGAINS OMFG.” One fan wondered if sleep really was a necessity, “Bts performance on bbc will be at 6:35am kst on 7/29 which means 5:35 AM IN MY COUNTRY RIP SLEEP !£&::@/?!” Another wondered if this was some kind of hint for their next comeback, “We're getting an r&b cover of the song ill be missing you from the bbc show and a r&b remix for ptd this means next bts comeback we're getting an r&b album.”