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Did Chaeryeong get plastic surgery? Itzy fans slam hypocrisy as idol's new look goes viral

Itzy's Chaeryeong was trolled for her looks and particularly her nose since her debut to the point her mom had to plead the haters to stop
Plastic surgery rumors have cropped up as fans feel there is a difference between 2021 'Loco' era and Itzy's 2022 comeback in terms of Chaeryeong's visuals (@ITZYofficial, @minie80990819/Twitter)
Plastic surgery rumors have cropped up as fans feel there is a difference between 2021 'Loco' era and Itzy's 2022 comeback in terms of Chaeryeong's visuals (@ITZYofficial, @minie80990819/Twitter)

While plastic surgery is pretty common in the K-pop industry, there are some hypocritical and toxic fans. If idols allegedly get plastic surgery before their debut, they are praised for their visuals like Jessi, The Boyz’s Juyeon and aespa’s Karina. However, if they get work done after their debut and it doesn’t match the general public’s expectations, they are trolled as seen with (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, Le Sserafim’s Sakura and Enhypen’s Heeseung. And now Itzy’s Chaeryeong has gone viral for her visuals as she looks different. Many speculate that she got ‘subtle’ work done on her nose.

Itzy is often commended for their visuals from Yeji’s dragon-like eyes to Yuna’s waist but Chaeryeong always happened to be the least popular member ever since their debut. K-pop fans seemed to compliment her in a backhanded way by claiming she was a different type of pretty as her nose is large and hooked which does not fit the K-pop standard for small or pointed noses. However, following the recent release of Itzy’s ‘Sneakers’, fans are claiming that Chaeryeong looks prettier and more confident. The Itzy member seems to have lost weight as her jaw is more prominent while her nose looks more defined and slender.

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Itzy's Chaeryeong goes viral

Chaeryeong has now constantly gone viral for her ‘new’ visuals thanks to her alleged plastic surgery from her appearance on ‘Amazing Saturday’ and Lee Youngji’s show to her recent Music Bank ending fairy and fan-taken picture where she is dressed in casuals and is arriving at a scheduled location. And each time Knetizens left comments that she was looking prettier these days. One Knetz posted, “I’m not saying she was ugly before, but I don’t know how to describe it, but her vibe has changed.” Another added, “I don’t know if she did her nose but she suits it better.”



'She's always been stunning'

However, fans slammed back, “For sure, I never really understood why they came for her looks so much, I always found her pretty straight since debut.” Another shared, “I miss her old nose tbh 💀 I know y’all gon hate me for saying this but she was more unique. She looks the same but different at the same time. I don’t know why people thought she was ugly. It’s sad now people praise her after PS when she was always pretty.” One fan added, “She looks different indeed but what makes her become really attractive lately is her confidence. She used to get hate bcs of her look so its obvious after she did some tweaks for her features, she naturally feels more confident with herself. Now leave her alone and wish she wont do more in future.”




Another commented, “Korean beauty standards are so insane 2 me she changed something so subtle and suddenly she’s their beauty queen 😭 she’s always been stunning nd she almost looks the same it’s wild to me but ykw i’ll take it i’m so happy for her and she looks so confident.” With fans trying to claim she only lost some weight, one user shared, “What matters is that she feels confident in herself now but hope she doesn't do anything else because she looks good now. What I don't get is people denying her ps, is there something wrong with it when most of the industry gets ps?” With Chaeryeong's mom stepping in in the past, one fan shared, "This never fails to make me cry :(( so pls before you leave negative comments abt someone remember that they are some else child whom their parents treasured deeply."




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