(G)I-DLE's Soyeon trolled for 'botched' plastic surgery, but Neverlands defend idol

(G)I-DLE's Soyeon trolled for 'botched' plastic surgery, but Neverlands defend idol
(G)I-DLE's Soyeon gets dragged on Twitter for her plastic surgery while Neverlands come to her rescue defending the idol (MBC)

While plastic surgery has and bodily modifications have become as common as getting a facial or a pedicure for celebrities, the idea is still taboo to many fans around the world. The discussion about idols using botox or lip fillers years after their debut does not sit well with fans who have come to love and admire them as they appear since their debut which is why many idols resort to getting procedures done on their face and body before their debut to present fans with a certain image of themselves.

On November 27 a similar drama ensured when (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon was the subject behind fandom banter where fans of several girl groups attacked the idol after her fans released photos of her from the press conference for the upcoming survival show, ‘My Teenage Girl’ (also known as Afterschool Excitement). The Twitter banter among fans blew out of proportion when fans dragged in members of aespa, Red Velvet, Loona and idol Chungha.


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Soyeon's fans defend the idol

While some fans would like to believe that their idols are perfect and have got no procedure done on themselves, many fans have matured to the idea of idols not being confident in their bodies and using plastic surgery to enhance their features. So is the case for (G)I-DLE's Soyeon’s fans who defended the idol for her choices. Soyeon, who is going to join the K-pop girl group audition show, ‘My Teenage Girl’ as their mentor was captured before her press conference appearance, and these photos were posted on Twitter by her Thai fanbase.

The tweet blew up where anti-fans of the idol pointed out how Soyeon suddenly looked very different and tried altering her features to look like some other idol but in the process, had her face botched up instead. Neverlands (the group's fans) defended the idol by pointing out that despite the fact that Soyeon had recently gone under the knife and gotten lip fillers for fuller lips, she was beautiful nonetheless and had the freedom to do what she likes with her face and body.


Toxic fans involve other idols in the drama 

This discussion soon turned into a sour banter among fandoms as some fans pointed Soyeon looked like aespa’s Karina and Soyeon’s fans declared that according to them, aespa members all underwent surgeries before their debut and were no better off than any other idol who underwent body modifications. In the process of this fan banter, members of the groups like Loona, Red Velvet, or idol Chungha were also dragged along the drama with no context.

While fans keep the drama going, Soyeon is doing pretty well in her career. She will appear as a mentor on MBC’s idol survival show, ‘My Teenage Girl’ from November 28, the first broadcast of the show at 8 pm KST (6 am ET) and every Sunday to follow thereafter. Not only that, but she has also been confirmed as the collaborative artist on VIXX member and producer, Ravi’s upcoming single, ‘ANI’ that releases on December 7, 6 pm KST (4 am ET).


'She got it with her own money'

The tweet blew up with stans comparing Soyeon to other idols when one said, "The second pic looking like karina lmao," while another compared, "If i tried to draw karina from memory but i kept thinking about joy while listening to gotta go by chungha." Another user said, "The unnecessary jaw shave and lip fillers f**king her up omg." Another user said, "They messed her shit up," while another said, "Damn they fucked ha lips up big time." One anti said, "She looks so botched the ugliest in (G)I-DLE for sure." One fan of Soyeon said, "Loona stans in the qrts... ur group got ugly a*s vivi need yall to stop speaking." One user pointed out, "Several fandoms camping in the quotes but gidle stans immediate thought is aespa."

Fans of Soyeon also got their hands dirty by calling out other idols as one fan said, “SHE gOT liP fiLLErs” okay and your girlies got a face transplant before their debut?" Another fan said, "aespa members face full of plastic surgery, but yall worried about this girl when she always looked the same..oh stf." Other fans defended Soyeon without calling out anyone in particular saying, "Everyone in the qrts calm ur tits what new face at best just a lip filler which is common for idol and everyone everywhere got it and her hairstyle and makeup in those photos are different thats why." One more fan said, "She got some fillers and botox at most the qrts are so dramatic she doesnt even look that different." One fan rightfully said, "Even if she did get fillers, she got it with her own hard-earned money unlike u jobless b**ches."
























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