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The Boyz releases health updates on members Eric and Sunwoo, fans wonder 'OT11 comeback soon?'

IST Entertainment releases an update about Eric and Sunwoo who are presently on a hiatus due to health complications before The Boyz appear at the KCON 2022 Saudi Arabia show
The Boyz’s Eric announced a hiatus from group activities due to his health concerns while Sunwoo temporarily halted his activities last month for similar reasons (IST Entertainment)
The Boyz’s Eric announced a hiatus from group activities due to his health concerns while Sunwoo temporarily halted his activities last month for similar reasons (IST Entertainment)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: It is always disheartening for fans when idols fall ill and have to announce hiatuses in order to recover and that was the way Deobis (fans of The Boyz) felt back in March of 2022 when Eric announced a hiatus due to health concerns. Back then, IST Entertainment, the label that manages the activities of The Boyz did not give any clarifications about Eric’s actual health complications but only reported that maknae was going to take a break to focus on his health. 

Other than Eric, Sunwoo, the penultimate member of The Boyz also shocked fans when last month it was announced that the vocalist was going to take a short break in order to focus on his health. With not one but two members on a hiatus, fans started growing concerned about the health of Sunric (Sunwoo and Eric) - the two youngest members of The Boyz. Much to the relief of fans, IST Entertainment has now announced the duo's return and Deobis are anticipating a comeback featuring all 11 members together. 


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IST Entertainment shares health updates about The Boyz members

On September 16, IST Entertainment released a new statement with an update about Sunwoo and Eric’s current health conditions. According to that statement, the label revealed that Eric had been sent back home to the United States in March this year to enable The Boyz’s makane to recover at his own pace. The label said, “Eric recently returned to Korea and is working towards his recovery while keeping a close eye on his progress.” 

The label added that after consultation with Eric himself, they concluded that the rapper was healthy enough to return and will be ending his hiatus to join promotional activities with the rest of the members. IST Entertainment also revealed that Sunwoo, who recently went on a hiatus last month had been resting well to focus on his recovery. Sunwoo too is healthy enough to end his hiatus and will be joining the members immediately. Meanwhile, They Boyz will be attending the first-ever KCON show in Saudi Arabia later this month.


‘The world is healing’

This update has The Boyz’s fans excited as they anticipate an OT11 comeback featuring all 11 members of the boy group. One fan said, “Can't wait for my first OT11 comeback.” One more fan said, “OUR MAKNAES. WE ARE SOON TO SEE OT11 ON THE NEXT COMEBACK MY BELOVED BOYZ.”  Another fan said, “I think it’s cute baby deobi’s will finally meet eric and experience an ot11 comeback. <3”

One more fan said, “Sunric comeback.. ot11 comeback.. tonight i’ll be the happiest girl in the world.” Another fan said, “AAAA MY BABIES ARE FINALLY COMING BACK. OT11 IS BACK.” One fan said, “THEBOYZ OT11 COMEBACK SOON!???!” Another fan said, “THEY'RE FINALLY BACK, THE WORLD IS HEALING!!!” One more fan said, “I can finally be happy again :( i love u my ot11.” Another fan said, “TIS A HAPPY DAY IN DEOBILAND! OT11 IS MAKING A COMEBACK!!!!!”











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