Deobis defend The Boyz New for his 'stern' response to fan who asked to marry him

Deobis defend The Boyz New for his 'stern' response to fan who asked to marry him
Fans claim that non-fans of The Boyz who do not understand the joke are blowing the issue about New being rude to fans out of proportion (@official_theboyz/Instagram, The Boyz/VLive)

Looks like many media outlets do not understand how inside jokes work in K-pop fandoms and the most recent incident around The Boyz member New is proof of this fact. On April 13, multiple media pages reported that New aka Choi Chanhee of The Boyz was rude to a fan. In a screenshot that was released online, a chat between New and a Deobi (The B, fan of The Boyz) from the Bubble app revealed a fun interaction where the fan asked New to marry them and in response, the singer sarcastically turned the fan down.

When New posted an update saying he was on his way to work, a fan responded by saying, “Hey New, Let's get married, I'll make you not work anymore.” New (Chanhee) replied sarcastically, “This was the most worthless confession to someone like me who likes to work the most.” He added, “I'm not even thankful. Go away.” The comment that was directed to a Deobi in good humor has now been blown out of proportion and New has been called rude for not treating a fan with respect.


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Fans defend The Boyz's New

While many people are not aware of this, the interaction New has with fans is part of an ongoing joke in the Deobi fandom. Oftentimes, fans ask New to marry them as a joke and New responds to the request in the most outrageous way possible. One such incident was when New was eating a meal while live streaming for fans. While he was eating a lettuce wrap (ssam), New said that he does not like to eat the ends of the leaf because it is hard to swallow. A fan, keeping in line with New’s remark, commented, “You are the same as me, we should get married.” In a funny way, New began eating the leaf going back on his original claim saying, “I only eat the end part (of the leaf). It is so good. I love the end part, it is so delicious.” This was one of the many ways New turned down requests from fans who said they wished to marry him.


'Non-fans taking that joke out of context'

Deobis who are in on the joke understand New’s reaction and are now calling out media outlets for painting the singer in a bad light due to a misunderstanding. One fan said, “Deobis have a long-running and lighthearted inside joke with Chanhee where we ask him to marry us (not seriously) and he finds some clever or savage way to reject us. This is another case of non-fans taking that joke out of context.” Another said, “Actually glad that lots of non deobis protecting chanhee.” Another tweet read, “Pls no one is upset about it just leave chanhee and deobis alone.”

One fan said, “LIKE IT LITERALLY makes no sense if you’re not a fan and u think your opinion matters ... SICKKKK chanhee rejecting deobis has been a thing between us SINCE FOREVER WHY MAKE A fuss about it.” Another explained, “Chanhee has an inside joke with fans where they ask him ques like "marry me", he doesn't feel comfy with these comments, he always rejects this way, deobis love how he comes up with an excuse & replies like that. We got rejected more than 1000. You shouldn't talk if u r not a deobi.”

One fan stated, “Chanhee rejecting marriage proposals is a long-running inside joke between us and him. It makes me sick that antis scour through even deobi spaces looking for all of our fandom jokes to defile and twist into something else. If you're not a deobi, please shut up.” Another fan said, “This is so funny because what is he supposed to say. omg thanks deobi for saying you want to marry me!1!!1!! like i’m sorry but chanhee don’t give a fuck i wouldn’t want to marry a fan either.” Another clarified, “Clearly this article was written with no respect to Chanhee’s natural personality this isn’t the first time he’s rejected a deobi so he shouldn’t be under fire for being the straight forward person he is. It’s not that serious.”










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