Where is The Boyz's Eric? Fans spot him with GOT7's Mark Tuan and Jackson Wang in LA

Where is The Boyz's Eric? Fans spot him with GOT7's Mark Tuan and Jackson Wang in LA
The Boyz's Eric has been on hiatus since March and is currently at home in LA (@IST_THEBOYZ, @emmylove62/Twitter)

LA, CALIFORNIA: The first half of 2022 was bittersweet for Deobis (The Boyz’s fandom) as IST Entertainment announced back to back that member Eric would be going on an indefinite hiatus due to health complications while The Boyz would be going on their first world tour. Eric Sohn went on hiatus and headed back to his hometown in LA. And while we have only been getting updates about him from The Boyz, fans finally spotted him at the unlikeliest of places – GOT7 Mark's listening party.

Mark Tuan, another LA-born K-pop idol has decided to release his solo debut album ‘The Other Side’ while he’s at home. And to celebrate, even GOT7’s Jackson Wang was in LA. Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) were excited over the interactions and Mark’s new hairstyle as he sported short hair at the album’s listening party. And so, when a Thai fan shared a video of Jackson and Mark, they unknowingly also ended up recording The Boyz’s Eric who was also present.

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Eric invited to GOT7 Mark’s listening party

The Boyz recently came to LA for KCON LA 2022 and shared on social media that they had met Eric. Fans present at the convention also spotted Eric but did not take any photos with him. So, understandable, many were emotional as they got a video of Eric attending his first public event since his hiatus which just so happened to be GOT7 Mark Tuan’s listening party. In the video, Eric is sitting at a table with Jackson Wang and two other people while Mark is standing and talking to them. Many were also confused as to how the GOT7 star ended up being close to Eric.


Eric had actually shared how he befriended Mark on a Dive Podcast. Kevin reminisced that while The Boyz were rookies and awkward on music shows, Eric was always eager to talk to other artists. Eric recalled, “It was during like ‘No Air’ era. Like we went to Music Bank and we did the insa (greeting) to GOT7 seniors and I was like, just randomly, just like yelled out ‘Mark sunbaenim, I’m also from LA’...He was like, ‘Oh really? Hey, do you have an Instagram? Like I could like just be friends with you?’ And [I was like] ‘Oh sorry, I don’t have an Instagram because I’m a rookie’. And he’s like, ‘Oh okay, well, give me your number after and we can just hang out’. And that’s how I got close to him.” Eric had also added that he sees Mark often and that he’s super chill and nice.

‘I miss you’

So, fans were happy that not only was Eric recovering well in his hometown, but he was also hanging out with his friends. One fan tweeted, “HALA ERIC SOHN I MISS YOU OH MY GODDD.” Another added, “Eric looks so happy.” One Deobi commented, “I cant wait for eric to comeback and be active again, esp to the baby/new deobis in the fandom. They'll be so overwhelm (in a good way) with all the love eric can give like how we always feel in this fandom everyday with him.”




Another joked, “When deobis get even the smallest update on eric.” One fan was shocked, “GOT7'S MARK AND JACKSON WITH THE BOYZ'S ERIC???+.” Another Deobi said, “ERIC SOHN THE SUCCESSFUL FANBOY.” One wrote, “Idk its still hilarious to me that the reason why mark and eric became friends was because eric saw him once and was like youre from la? me too and then they were friends.”





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