'Invasion' Episode 6: Can aliens be killed only with their planet's materials?

'Invasion' Episode 6: Can aliens be killed only with their planet's materials?
Golshifteh Farahani as Aneesha Malik in 'Invasion' (AppleTV+)

Spoilers for Apple TV+ 'Invasion'- Episode 6 - 'Home Invasion'

Apple TV+ 'Invasion' has been painfully slow in laying out the clues that point to an alien invasion or just the existence of aliens itself. The show follows various people from across the globe, one of them being the Mailk family made up of the parents Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani), Ahmed (Firas Nassar), and kids Luke (Azhy Robertson) and Sarah (Tara Moayedi).

Episode 5 saw Aneesha get separated from her family as she is ushered by the army and recruited to help out injured civilians as she claimed to be a doctor. Her family who is waiting for her back in the forest home with the people who took them in has no idea about this. Episode 6 saw her manage to get back to them she finds terrifying signs of the danger that lurks.


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Episode 6 saw Aneesha get back to her family only to find them in grave danger. An alien is on the loose as we see Ahmed, Sarah and Luke survive along with the husband and wife who gave them shelter. Things take a turn for the worse as Sarah falls through the floor of the attic with Aneesha following. They all need to be quiet so as to not attract attention. But the night has danger in store for them as we see the couple who helped the Malik family die after being mauled and eaten by the alien.

While attempting to drive off and escape with her kids, Aneesha faces a huge problem when the car gets stuck in a rut. This leads to the alien climbing the car and breaking the windshield. As the creature attacks, Aneeshs sends her kids to the back of the car and she tries to fend it off. Having acquired a gun on her way back to her family, she uses it and shoots multiple shots but to no avail. Even attempting to jam a metal stick down its face doesn't work. In the midst of the chaos and out of options she spots the piece of foreign material Luke found previously and uses that to stab it. The alien immediately gets cut and bleeds with the continual stabbing ending in its death. Ahmed joins his family as they finally drive off.

The piece of dark shiny, metal remains a mystery as the previous episodes didn't reveal where Luke found it. The boy may have just saved their lives with his find that he's been carrying around. Now we clearly saw that nothing worked on the alien, but as soon it was hit with this mysterious piece of foreign material it succumbed. Could it be harmed with something only from its home planet or could larger weapons work as well? As Aneesha stares at the shard that saved their lives, many questions arise.

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'Invasion' is now streaming on Apple TV+ with new episodes released every Friday.

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