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'Invasion' Episode 5: Will Aneesha be reunited with her family?

Aneesha travels to find supplies for her family as the world loses means of communication with power outages and unexplained phenomenon occurring
Golshifteh Farahani as Aneesha Malik in 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)
Golshifteh Farahani as Aneesha Malik in 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for 'Invasion' Episode 5 - 'Going Home'

Apple TV+'s sci-fi thriller 'Invasion' follows events around the globe as the Earth is invaded by extraterrestrials. One of the main characters from whose viewpoint we see the events unfold is Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) and her family.

Episode 4 of 'Invasion' saw her and her husband Ahmed (Firas Nassar) along with kids Luke (Azhy Robertson) and Sarah (Tara Moayedi) heading north in their car. The husband and wife are having serious marital problems as Luke suddenly disappears when they make a pee-stop for him. After looking all night the family finds him safe and sound in a house in the forest. The kind people take the family in for the night amidst the worrying times. Read on to know what happened in Episode 5 and why we're worried about this character.


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Will Aneesha meet her family again?

Episode 5 saw Aneesha and her family still with the kind family who gave them shelter in their home. The two families decide to stick together and decide to go look for supplies. The helpful family informs them that they'll go search their neighbors home while Ahmed could go to a nearby store to get food. Aneesha doesn't trust her cowardly husband and offers to go instead.

Traveling alone she sets out but finds the store completely cleaned out. The citizens had been asked to evacuate with a curfew imposed which could land Aneesha in trouble. She is discovered in the store by soldiers and is asked if she's alone and what her occupation is. She replies that she's alone and is a doctor. As she looks on dazed they tell her they're in need of doctors and must go to the next town which has provisions and injured people in need of help. The stunned mother of two is then quickly escorted into an ambulance with other doctors with her car being left behind for the time being. In the ambulance, she introduces herself with the fake name of Angela Lockhart from pediatrics. Arriving at the next town although still lost, she successfully assists in surgery.

The end of the episode showed the President addressing the nation and declaring an emergency. The world is informed of the existence of aliens that are now on earth as power outages, the collapse of infrastructure, and communication problems are seen worldwide. Aneesha is then ushered out after being informed of an emergency on the highway which urgently requires doctors. As we see her befuddled. and worried she is escorted to another ambulance.

The episode left us wondering if she'll see her family who is waiting back in the forest home again. Being taken from place to place, with no car and no means of communication the mother is in for a tough time. How will she inform her family? How will she even get back to them? Will they still be in the same place or go looking for her? Many questions arise as we see her become the victim of horribly daunting circumstances. Watch the next episode to see what fate has in store for Aneesha.

'Invasion' is streaming on Apple TV+ with new episodes released every Friday.