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'Invasion' Episode 5: Aliens mentioned after 4 episodes, fans say 'finally!'

The world receives the horrifying news that they have been visited on earth by aliens in 'Invasion' on Apple TV+
A still from 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)
A still from 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ released the fifth episode of its sci-fi alien series 'Invasion' and viewers who were watching it with little interest until now were finally treated to a small surprise.

So far into the series we've followed the circumstances of Aneesha(Golshifteh Farahani) and her family, the soldier Trevante (Shamier Anderson), the student Casper(Billy Barratt), and Mitsuki(Shioli Kutsuna) an operator at JASA as they all fall victim to the alien invasion in different ways. 'Invasion' has been extremely slow so far with no signs of the aliens being shown yet which is getting a tad bit frustrating at this point. The latest episode finally progressed a bit and here's what fans had to say.


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Episode 5 of 'Invasion' finally had some action as we see aliens finally addressed. The series so far hadn't seen any mention of the extraterrestrial as the characters went about dealing with the unexplained happenings in complete confusion. Mitsuki, who has been suspicious from the start, finally determines the sound from the space shuttle is from an unknown foreign being. Her boss confirms her doubts as we see her realize that aliens are to be blamed for the HOSHI shuttle being ripped apart. Aneesha who has been roped in by army personnel to assist in surgery spots a foreign body inside the patient's gash and pulls it out. It shows the slightest movement which could indicate it is a parasitic alien but nothing was confirmed. And finally, the culmination of the fifth episode saw the President address the nation about aliens. The message is broadcast live over countries all over the globe with the citizens of the world now made frightfully aware of the existence of aliens among them.

The slow-paced show, which although revolving around an alien invasion had no mention of aliens as of yet. The fifth episode which finally saw some alien action had fans happy as well as confused. They took to Twitter to share their thoughts, here's how they reacted.

One of the viewers tweeted, "Apple TV+ Invasion series is now 5 episodes in and we have our first sighting of an alien. Well, maybe. You be the judge... #AppleTVPlus #Apple #Invasion". A fan commented, "Ummmm…..the 5th episode at the latest should have been the third episode of INVASION Apple TV #Invasion". Another user tweeted, "Oh wait... I think we have seen the aliens! I thought it was debris from a meteor shower, but rocks dont wriggle and have phalanges! #Invasion"

One of the tweets read, "Episode 5: They’ve finally said the word ALIEN y’all! And they showed us an alien parasite thing. They still have this wife walking around confused. Like women don’t know how to think when they find out aliens have attacked and their husband is unfaithful. #Invasion". A user also commented, " #Invasion (2021) S01E05: I thought that this is about some giants. But, now they have found some foreign body growing inside an open wound in a human body. It is getting crazy! #InvasionAppleTV". One of the users said, "FINALLY! THEY MENTIONED ALIENS #InvasionAppleTV".







'Invasion' is streaming on Apple TV+ with new episodes released every Friday.