'Invasion' Episode 2: Can Luke communicate with aliens? Confusing signs indicate so

The clock is ticking as humans try and find safety in the face of an alien invasion in 'Invasion'

                            'Invasion' Episode 2: Can Luke communicate with aliens? Confusing signs indicate so
Azhy Robertson as Luke Malik in 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)

Who doesn't love a good alien invasion story? We most certainly do and 'Invasion' sure is meeting our needs for a good sci-fi thriller. The Apple TV+ show gave the world a  new story based on a loved genre and dropped the first three episodes for the premiere. We will explore the beginning of an apocalyptic new reality through the eyes of commoners spread across the earth.

One of the focal points will be through the eyes of the Maliks, a family of four that experiences the onset of the invasion that is being helmed as a terrorist attack. All individuals are unique and built differently with each one of us having varied abilities and qualities. But it's still a surprise when we see Luke (Azhy Robertson) exhibit a unique ability as he is the only one affected by the mysterious happenings on a more personal level. Read on to know why the character may have a huge part in understanding the invasion on the Apple TV+ show.


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Will Luke be able to communicate with the aliens in the near future?

In the first episode of ' Invasion', we saw all the kids in the classroom at school suddenly get heavy nosebleeds with the exception of Luke. Although Aneesha(Golshifteh Farahani) takes both her kids to the doctor to get tested, the results show that absolutely nothing is wrong and come out normal. Even though assured that everything is fine, we see Luke wonder why he wasn't affected.

Cutting to Episode 2 "Crash", we see the Malik family in discord as they deal with power cuts and fires in the neighborhood. Ahmed (Firas Nassar) goes out to assess the situation with his neighbors with Aneesha stepping out as well. The scene is cut short by a piercing scream by Luke as we see the parents rush back in. Luke is continuously yelling 'stop' as he covers his ears tightly wincing at the noise only he seems to hear. Aneesha makes him take off his hands to check his ears but it seems to make the situation worse with her son yelling even louder. The lights suddenly come back on as he asks his mother, "Can't you hear it? What it said.. its a voice, its talking ". Everyone is left baffled by his words as the child is made to rest while still covering his ears. 

In a clearly puzzling situation, we are left to wonder if certain individuals are different and can hear the extraterrestrial's mode of communication. There certainly seems to be something off about Luke as we look back to him not being afflicted by a nosebleed like other children. Putting together the pieces it's quite possible that there is something different about this child.

As the story develops Luke could quite possibly play a huge role in warning them about potential dangers as he senses the unique phenomenons. Watch on to know more from the following episodes.

'Invasion' is now streaming on Apple TV+. The first three episodes are out with new episodes to drop weekly.

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