'Invasion' Episode 3: What does 'Wajo' mean? Captain Murai's last word gives a hint

Devastating signs of an alien invasion begin to appear as humanity grapples with the new truth of the creatures amidst them in 'Invasion'

                            'Invasion' Episode 3: What does 'Wajo' mean? Captain Murai's last word gives a hint
Shioli Kutsuna as Mitsuki Yamato in 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ released the first three episodes of its new series 'Invasion' and it was quite packed with various interesting incidents taking place. The thriller which follows an alien invasion on the Earth will focus on the distressing events the world will incur from the viewpoint of different people across the world.

One such perspective is from Mitsuki Yamato (Shioli Kutsuna) based in Tokyo, Japan. Yamoto is a technician at JASA, which is an ambitious new project to study the effects of space on the human body for prolonged time periods, launched Captain Hinata Murai (Rinko Kikuchi) and crew into space. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse, as we are shown the shocking scene of the space shuttle suddenly being torn apart. Read on to know more about what happened on the Apple TV+ show and the clue the character may have given us.


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Captain Murai's last words 'Wajo' give an essential hint

Episode 1 of 'Invasion' saw the death of Captain Murai and her crew in space as the ship is hit with something and tears apart sucking them into the void. Her lover Mitsuki Yamato who works as a technician at JASA, is left devastated as she drinks herself numb over the loss of her love. She deals with depression as she's left on the planet while her world is gone. Regaining composure she goes into work the following day and finds that an independent commission by the government has been appointed to look into the matter. On the day the HOSHI12 space shuttle exploded several other satellites in space had also gone dark.

JASA officials also find that that the last distress call from the team was received three hours after it was sent and imply that Yamato was to blame for the communication system not working. Frustrated she decides to investigate the matter herself, stealing the badge of a superior, and makes a run for it. As she races to the operating room she is followed by her fellow technician Kaito Kawaguchi (Daisuke Tsuji). Locking herself and Kawaguchi in the room she begins to look for clues from the footage of the space shuttle before it exploded. As she tearfully watches the final moments of Murai, Mitsuki sees that something crashed into the shuttle killing them all. She asks Kawaguchi, " Something hit it, can you hear that?" Catching onto a chittering noise she decrypts the sound file which ominously plays the word 'Wajo'. The episode ends with this major cliffhanger as we're left to wonder the meaning of the perplexing word.

Captain Murai's final word left a major hint for Mitsuki as she repeats the word to herself. We looked into what the Japanese word 'Wajo' means and it translates to the word 'castle' or to be more specific a Japanese castle. If we don't take the word literally there is the strong implication that 'Wajo' was meant to indicate an alien spaceship. This word may finally give Mitsuki insight into what struck the space shuttle and about the oncoming danger. Wait and watch the next episode for this mystery to be unraveled.

'Invasion' is now streaming on Apple TV +. The first three episodes are out with new episodes to follow weekly.

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