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'I'm with Heather': 'RHOSLC' fans slam Whitney for claiming Heather did not support her after Justin got fired

'Whitney, how was Heather supposed to be there for you when Justin was fired when you didn’t tell her??? #RHOSLC,' questioned a fan
UPDATED NOV 10, 2022
'RHOSLC' stars Whitney Rose and Heather Gay (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' stars Whitney Rose and Heather Gay (Bravo)

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: There isn't going to be a truce between former best friends/ cousins Whitney Rose and Heather Gay anytime soon. The 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' stars arranged for a meeting to work on fixing their friendship but instead left fuming at each other.

Whitney sat down with Heather to work through their issues. The housewife began the conversation by accusing Heather of not being there for her when she needed her. She then went on to inform Heather about how Justin got fired from his job but didn't receive any phone call or message from her. Heather was initially shocked on hearing about Justin's firing and immediately apologized to Whitney. The housewife however pointed out how she wasn't aware of his job loss, hence she didn't reach out. Instead of accepting Heather's apology, Whitney continued to pile on her attacks against Heather by questioning if she was really unaware of Justin's job loss since everybody in their friend group knew about it. When Heather tried defending herself, Whitney brought up Lisa's tweets about Heather's father's death date and further escalated the situation.


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Heather Gay in a still from 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)
Heather Gay in a still from 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)

This prompted Heather to storm off and lock herself in her room. While Whitney declared in her green room interview that something was going on in Heather's life, 'RHOSLC' fans however blamed her for the fight by coming to Heather's defense. Fans felt that it was unreasonable on Whitney's part to expect Heather to be there for her when she never informed her about Justin's job loss. A fan tweeted, "Whitney, how was Heather supposed to be there for you when Justin was fired when you didn’t tell her??? #RHOSLC." "Whitney is mad that Heather didn’t call to check on her about a thing she never told Heather about. #RHOSLC," wrote a fan. "Whitney wants Heather to be a mind reader for all the things going on in her life - it’s very immature and on brand for her if we’re being honest. She’s just so exhausting #RHOSLC," commented a fan. "Whitney what! Heather is supposed to read your mind and know everything in your life and pre-apologized #RHOSLC," added a fan. 





Whitney Rose and Heather Gay got into a heated argument on 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)
Whitney Rose and Heather Gay got into a heated argument on 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)

Many fans also urged Heather to cut ties with Whitney. A fan shared, "I’m with Heather in this discussion she’s having with Whitney. There’s a total disconnect between them, but Whitney’s giving Heather no grace as she fails to meet yet another ambiguous bar Whitney has set. #RHOSLC." "At this point, Heather just needs to cut all ties with Whitney. There’s no reasoning with her and the stress Whitney is causing isn’t worth it. It’s not even fun tv. #RHOSLC," expressed a fan. "I’m sick of Whitney playing this victim role I’m really tired of her picking with Heather, it’s just to be friends with Lisa #RHOSLC," declared a fan. "Whitney better be on her knees apologizing to Heather at this reunion because the way she continues to mistreat her is unacceptable. How do you ask for distance then get mad she doesn’t know what’s going on. And you choosing Lisa over blood?? #RHOSLC," echoed a fan. 





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