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Who is Justin Rose? 'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose's husband sued for running pyramid scheme

If you're curious to know more about Whitney's husband Justin and why he is being sued, then read on
'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose and her husband Justin Rose (Whitney Rose/ Instagram)
'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose and her husband Justin Rose (Whitney Rose/ Instagram)

There's no dearth of drama in the lives of 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' stars. While Jen Shah is fighting money laundering and embezzling case, and Mary Cosby is trying to squash out the rumors of her running a cult, it looks like there's another housewife whose family is quietly battling their own battles behind the closed doors.

Former Mormon royalty and the pole-dancing queen of Salt Lake City aka Whitney Rose's husband Justin Rose is reportedly being sued for running a pyramid scheme. If you're curious to know more about Whitney's husband Justin and why he is being sued, then read on. 


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Who is Justin Rose?

As mentioned above, Justin is Whitney's husband. The couple met each other while working at a company, where he was the president and Whitney was his employee. Although they both were married to different people at that time, the couple were so drawn to each other that they soon began having an affair. Whitney was removed from the Mormon Church for having an affair with Justin. The couple decided to leave their respective spouses and get married to each other when Whitney got pregnant with their first child together. Since then the couple have been happily married and often post cute couple pictures of themselves on their social media.

Justin currently works as the chief sales officer of a dietary supplements company called LifeVantage. Although Justin's salary hasn't been revealed, the housewife did hint that he gets paid "big bucks" on 'RHOSLC'. He also has several years of experience in the multilevel marketing industry holding positions with companies including Shaklee Corporation, Nu Skin Enterprises, and Melaleuca before joining LifeVantage in July, 2015.


Why is Whitney's husband Jutsin Rose being sued?

As mentioned above Justin works as the chief sales officer at LifeVantage which follows the direct sales model. This means an individual has to sell the company's products and recruit more sellers to not only sell more products but also make money. In 2018, a man named Brian Smith sued the company claiming it was running an illegal pyramid scheme. Justin and two other top-level executives from the company were named in the lawsuit as the defendants. 

The lawsuit states, "LifeVantage is nothing more than a pyramid scheme dressed up as a multi-level marketer (an “MLM”) of dietary supplements. LifeVantage induces people to become Distributors with sales pitches promising wealth and business independence, and its marketing and compensation system encourages its Distributors to recruit others into the system with the same promises of wealth and business independence. Distributors pay money to participate in the business opportunity, which funds LifeVantage’s payments and “bonuses” to other Distributors. Despite LifeVantage’s claims of retail sales, little money comes into the system from actual retail users of LifeVantage products disconnected from the business opportunity. The majority of its retail sales are monthly sales to its Distributors purchasing products in order to participate in the compensation system and remain eligible to receive bonuses. Distributors really can only make money by bringing in new Distributors – a classic pyramid scheme." 

The lawsuit claims Justin is "actively involved in promoting the LifeVantage scheme to potential recruits at LifeVantage events, through social media, and by his direction of LifeVantage’s top promoters." The case is still ongoing and a judge recently dismissed all but one of the claims against the company for lack of evidence but allowed the part of it being a pyramid scheme to move forward. Will we get to see Whitney discussing this on 'RHOSLC'? Well, only time will tell.

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