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'Heather is correct': 'RHOSLC' fans call out Whitney Rose for claiming her cousin didn't support her

'I seriously don’t understand I mean Heather didn’t do anything to Whitney!!!! Why is she upset???? #RHOSLC,' wrote a fan
'RHOSLC' stars Whitney Rose and Heather Gay (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' stars Whitney Rose and Heather Gay (Bravo)

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: Who would have ever thought that 'Real Housewives of Sat Lake City' stars/ cousins- Heather Gay and Whitney Rose would one day be locking horns? After always having each others' back for two seasons straight, cracks seem to be forming in their close bond. The recently aired episode of 'RHOSLC' featured an ugly fight between the cousins after both the sisters took offense at being labeled 'liar' by each other.

It all began when Whitney revealed that she had heard rumors about their fellow housewife Lisa Barlow reportedly handing out sexual favors for courtside jazz tickets. Whitney decided to share this with Lisa, and ended up dragging heather into it. The Wild Rose Beauty founder claimed that she heard the rumors from their mutual friend Angie Harrington, and that even Heather was aware of these rumors as she too was present when Angie told them about the rumors. Heather immediately denied Whitney's claims saying she never heard Angie tell her any of these rumors. Whitney interpreted it as Heather calling her a liar and went into a blind rage. Heather too was fuming over Whitney dragging her into her web of lies and rumors. Things escalated in no time, and before we knew it Heather declared that Whitney had lost her forever. Later when Meredith Marks asked Whitney how she felt about her exchange with her cousin, she expressed how she felt disappointed with Heather for not being there for her during her "darkest hour".


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Heather Gay on 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)
Heather Gay on 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)

Whitney also began demanding for an apology from Heather for abandoning her when she needed her the most. 'RHOSLC' fans were left feeling confused over why Whitney was so upset with Heather. A fan tweeted, "I seriously don’t understand I mean Heather didn’t do anything to Whitney!!!! Why is she upset???? #RHOSLC." "Ok I am not understanding how Whitney revealing rumors about Lisa is her darkest moment that Heather wasn’t there for. Like what is dark about revealing rumors about other people. #RHOSLC," wrote a fan. "Whitney- “I would have expected Heather to be there for me in my darkest hour”- her darkest hour is being shitfaced in lingerie spreading rumors about Lisa exchanging sexual favors for basketball tickets? #RHOSLC," wondered a fan. 




'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose (Bravo)

'RHOSLC' fans also called out Whitney's attempts at pinning her childhood abuse trauma on Heather. A fan shared, "So, because of Whitney’s hilling journey and issues with abandonment, it’s Heather’s responsibility to say she heard something she didn’t, so Whitney doesn’t feel abandoned when she shares it with the whole group? Make it make sense. #RHOSLC." "How does Heather not perpetuating rumors by Whitney about Lisa correlate to Heather not supporting Whitney through her trauma? Like...that seems to be what Whitney is trying to do? #RHOSLC," questioned a fan. "Heather is correct. Period. #RHOSLC Whitney, your trauma journey is about YOU. No one else has to go down that road with you & it’s unfair to level that expectation on anyone that isn’t directly responsible for said trauma, especially while intoxicated.," pointed out a fan. 




'Real housewives of Salt Lake City ' Season 3 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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