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'RHOSLC' star Whitney whines about 'robotic sex' with husband Justin Rose

'Whitney simulating ‘robotic sex’ for the producer is absolutely sending me #RHOSLC,' commented a fan
UPDATED SEP 20, 2021
'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose (Bravo)

Whitney Rose has taken the job of sharing her life on 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' pretty seriously. The blonde beauty isn't holding back when it comes to giving fans a peek into her fascinating lifestyle. The housewife has always been an open book, but on the latest episode of 'RHOSLC' she took things up a notch when she decided to spill the tea on her sex life ti the world.

During a serious conversation with her husband Justin Rose, Whitney expressed how she was missing out on having sex with him the way they did before she began working hard on growing her business. Whitney explained that ever since she began focussing on growing her business, she began to feel very exhausted and didn't have enough time or energy to have sex with Justin the way she did earlier. The housewife labeled their current sex life as 'robotic sex'. She declared that she was done having robotic sex with her husband. If you're wondering what robotic sex is then we got you covered.


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'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose (Bravo)

What is robotic sex?

The producer recording Whitney's confessional asked what many of us were thinking when Whitney mentioned 'robotic sex'. He asked her what exactly robotic sex was. The housewife then proceeded to play out how robotic sex looked on her confessional. The housewife complained how Justin and she stopped having spontaneous sex every night, and instead just had it twice or thrice in a week. She pointed out that robotic sex was basically viewing sex as a chore rather than an activity they enjoyed engaging in.

Whitney's hilarious enactment of robotic sex left fans in splits. A fan tweeted, "Whitney is hilarious with the robotic sex illustration! Spot on! #RHOSLC." Another fan wrote, "Whitney simulating ‘robotic sex’ for the producer is absolutely sending me #RHOSLC." "Whitney's not lying. She's a fool for acting out robotic sex! #RHOSLC," commented a fan.




'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose acting out 'robotic sex' (Bravo)

Another fan shared, " YASSSSS WHITNEY BENDING OVER IN THAT CONFESSIONAL TALKING ABOUT ROBOTIC SEX #RHOSLC this is why she’s my fave lol." "Nah Whitney is an absolute LEGEND for that confessional! No more robotic sex!!! #RHOSLC," echoed a fan. "Whitney & her husband are so cool! OMG, Whitney physically demonstrating robotic sex! She’s so kick ass! Love her! The Mormons must be having frantic convulsions seeing her delicious antics! #RHOSLC," joked a fan.




'RHOSLC' star Whitney Rose's husband Justin Rose (Bravo)

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