2021 Pepsi X Starship K-pop Campaign lineup: Ateez, Monsta X and Brave Girls to perform

'Omg Rain × Monsta x is happening!!' said a fan speculating likely pairing at the event

                            2021 Pepsi X Starship K-pop Campaign lineup: Ateez, Monsta X and Brave Girls to perform
Rain, Ateez's Hongjoong and Yunho, Young Tak, Brave Girls' Yujeong and Yuna, Monsta X's Shownu, IM and Hyungwon (Twitter, Instagram)

K-pop music agency Starship Entertainment and Pepsi have been collaborating since 2019 as part of Pepsi’s ‘For The Love of It’ marketing campaign that has gone global. There have been three projects since 2019, where artists and groups get together and release digital singles for Pepsi. Fans look forward to it as we get to see a lot of favorites collaborate together. And for 2021, the lineup has already been released.

For the 2021 version, '2021 Pepsi Taste of Korea Campaign' is focusing on bringing the message of hope. Along with promoting Pepsi, the music released will be a source of escape as it will help the listeners “forget the frustrations of everyday life and feel a sense of joy and happiness.” On June 30, the project released a small teaser announcing their very first artists of the lineup, Hongjoong and Yunho of Ateez.


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Ateez who has been garnering interest from around the world with their appearance on the latest survival show, 'Kingdom', as well as their fierce release, 'Fireworks (I’m The One)' has made the netizens wonder what kind of music they will release for the campaign. As the youngest group was announced first, Pepsi and Starship went on to release short teasers announcing the rest. The lineup includes Yujeong and Yuna of Brave Girls, the viral girl group, Shownu, Hyungwon and IM of Monsta X that has been making waves globally, as well as in their country, iconic solo artist Rain and Trot legend Young Tak.


Pepsi’s first collaboration with Starship had been in 2018 when YDPP did a commercial for the brand. Since then artists like Ong Seong-wu, members of VIXX, GFRIEND, Monsta X, CIX, WEi, IZ*ONE, Rain, Soyou, Zico, Kang Daniel and pH-1 have been collaborating together to create singles for the campaign. Back in 2019, along with releasing the digital singles, the artists in the lineup also got together for a meet and greet where they performed the tracks and interacted with the fans. Due to the pandemic, this did not take place last year. However, for the 2021 version, the project has announced that they will indeed host an event where fans and artists will get to meet and perform.

As the different artists have been known to collaborate together in creating the singles, fans wondered who all would be pairing together this time. One fan tweeted, “Omg Rain × Monsta x is happening!!” Another asked, “First ATEEZ now BRAVE GIRLS are they collabing?” Another tweeted why Young Tak is perfect for this campaign, “Gonna share this Youngtak's tiktok dedication for Pepsi”