BTS's Jimin warns of pandemic 'getting worse', sparks awareness drive as he urges fans to wear face masks

Jimin tweeted with a short message stating that the situation is getting worse day by day and asked people to wear facial masks well and take care when going out

                            BTS's Jimin warns of pandemic 'getting worse', sparks awareness drive as he urges fans to wear face masks
Jimin (Big Hit Entertainment)

BTS' Jimin tweeted about the Covid-19 pandemic "getting worse" and soon sent a wave of worry among fans as they shared his tweet and raised more awareness about not to stop wearing masks.

Jimin of the Kpop septet tweeted a short message on Saturday, December 12, morning: "The situation of the outside is getting worse day by day. Please wear the facial mask well and take care always when you go out. We should be careful and careful and I hope the situation will be better as soon as possible. #JIMIN." By ‘situation’ he may have referred to the recent surge of Covid positive cases among several Kpop stars along with the overall increase in Covid-19 numbers around the world. 


Recently, BTS members were seen strictly following the safety protocols of Covid-19 at MAMA 2020 where they appeared to take awards. They were seen wearing masks at all times and maintaining safe distance. Their responsible behavior was hailed on social media as BTS have a global influence on their massive fanbase. This isn’t the first time that the ‘Filter’ crooner has used social media to spead awareness about Covid-19.

During his ‘birthday special live’ in October, the ‘Friends’ singer spoke about how pained he felt thinking about all the children who are completely stripped off their little joys of life as they stay cooped up inside their homes due to the pandemic. He also urged elders to handle children sympathetically, given their understanding of the world is not the same as adults. BTS' Jungkook also requested his fans to wear masks in a number of Vlive sessions during the last few months.



BTS fans are taking to Twitter to appreciate the Grammy-nominated group’s constant efforts to spread awareness. A fan shared a quote of Jimin noting, "'Remember there's a person here in Korea in the city of Seoul, who understands you..'- park Jimin. he's angel.” Another wondered, “Did the level of social distancing increase in S.Korea?” To which a fan replied, “It has increased last week and the government is under considering it even higher in next week, not announced yet.” Another fan said, “I hope you guys are safe too. appreciate this jimin.”

One more said, "Oh hello Jimin, I hope everything is okay for you, for people you work with, your families and friends. Stay safe and healthy. Unfortunately, a lot of people here don't really pay attention and don't really care. It scares me for the future, for the next year... I love you."







Recently, ‘Dream of You’ singer and K-pop solo artiste Chungha aka Kim Chung Ha tested positive for Covid-19. Kpop group UP10TION members Kogyeol and Bitto also tested positive for Covid-19 in the last week of November after both the members participated in SBS Inkigayo.

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