GOT7 Youngjae and Bambam co-host radio show, fandom Ahgases trend 'BBYJ Noon Song of Hope'

Youngjae and Bambam got excited when former labelmate DAY6 (Even Of Day)’s 'Right Through Me' played during the show

                            GOT7 Youngjae and Bambam co-host radio show, fandom Ahgases trend 'BBYJ Noon Song of Hope'
GOT7's Youngjae and Bambam were introduced as the special DJs for July 6 (Instagram)

Kim Shin-young, a comedienne, as well as a member of the K-pop girl group Celeb Five has been hosting the MBC radio show 'Noon Song of Hope' since 2013. With guests like GOT7, Monsta X and TWICE, the radio show is an integral platform for artists to promote their comebacks. In June, GOT7’s Bambam and Yugyeom appeared together to promote their solo debuts. Looks like Bambam couldn’t get enough as he appeared once more but this time with another member.

On Monday, July 5, it was announced that the radio show’s host, Shin-young was going on vacation for five days and special guest DJs would be hosting the show in her place for the week. These include Winner’s Seungyoon, GOT7’s Bambam and Youngjae, Younha, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Yong-joo and Jung Jae-hyung.


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Youngjae and Bambam host Noon Song of Hope

GOT7 members Youngjae and Bambam were introduced as the special DJs for July 6 at 12 pm KST with BAE173’s Dohyon, MIRAE’s Dongpyo and DRIPPIN’s Cha Junho who were all part of the project group X1 as guests.

Since GOT7 has been focusing on their solo ventures, fans find it endearing whenever they get any kind of interaction between the members. After Yugyeom and Bambam’s promotions together, GOT 7 fandom Ahgases were excited to see Bambam spending time with Youngjae. From talking about living together in their past dorm to how the members are still in touch, the show was full of nostalgia. Fans also noticed that the two got excited when former labelmate, DAY6 (Even Of Day)’s newest release, 'Right Through Me' played during the show.


With fun moments like Bambam saying his iconic phrase “Skrrt skrrt” to them dabbing and continuing with the inside joke of “being on an elevator”, the show was full of fan service for Ahgases. The questions sent in for the two were also related to their group which got them excited as they replied with which member suited which question. They also took into consideration fan’s suggestions of DJ names as Bambam went with “Bam Di” while Youngjae went with “Dal Di”.

Their time together felt heartwarming as Bambam thanked Youngjae for always responding to the group chat even though they’re now in different companies and have different schedules. He also said since Youngjae has been a DJ before like on Idol Radio, he played a reliable role and took care of Bambam for whom this was the first time.

Ahgases were touched as they trended #BBYJ_NoonSongofHope while they tweeted moments from the show that they loved. One fan tweeted, “BAMBAM AND YOUNGJAE DOING GOT7'S ELEVATOR THING THEY'RE SO ANNOYING PLS.” Another found the two dancing to Bambam’s 'riBBon' cute, “Look at the babies dancing to riBBon.” One fan tweeted, “we want to know the tea too.” And an Ahgase was moved when they saw how the two ended the show, “They said goodbye with "This has been GOT7" and Breathe for bgm”





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