Idol actor Seolhyun slams Korean forum Pann for hating on her: ‘Killing it with class’

Idol actor Seolhyun slams Korean forum Pann for hating on her: ‘Killing it with class’
Fans were amused as Seolhyun responded by promoting her K-drama (@sh_9513/Instagram)

While international fans have Twitter, Knetizens use Korean chat forums to discuss Korean pop culture and other events. We have websites like TheQoo, Instiz, Pann and more where Korean fans voice their opinion or thoughts. However, the majority of posts that go viral enough to even reach international fans are negative. One such post happened to be of a Knetz questioning Seolhyun’s visuals in her new K-drama.

On May 8, a Knetz made a post on the popular Korean chat forum Pann with photos of Seolhyun’s first look for the comedy K-drama ‘The Killer's Shopping List’. In the past, Seolhyun has often gone viral for her beauty while she was active as an idol in her K-pop group AOA. But she transformed herself for her role in the new K-drama as she sported bangs, minimal makeup and a sweater vest. OP (original poster) commented on the photos that they could not recognize Seolhyun.

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Seolhyun slams back at haters

While there were some comments that praised Seolhyun’s commitment to the role, a majority of the Knetz compared her appearance on the show with how she looked in AOA and in real life. They bashed her hair and makeup while some made fun of her outfit in ‘The Killer's Shopping List’. The post seems to have even reached the idol actor as she decided to personally respond to it. She took a screenshot of the post and shared it on her Instagram story on May 11. She added the caption, “In case you were wondering how it happened..! Tonight at 10:30 pm ‘The Killer's Shopping List’.”


'What a queen'

Fans were amused as she deftly handled the post, “The of it girl!!! Still killing it with class and style.” Another fan added, “What a queen, it’s amazing that she doesn’t let people get to her.” One pointed out, “She is now an actress and fans need to realize that she is playing a character and not being Seolhyun. I hate when viewer can't separate the actor from the character.” Another was impressed that she had also gone viral on Korean Twitter, “Seolhyun viral on kr twt lmaooo a pann post dragging her looks, she took a screenshot & said “if you wonder how this happened watch the killer’s shopping list (her ongoing drama) tonight at 10:30pm” and…the title of the pann post was “how did seolhyun become like that?”QUEEN!!!”



One flexed, “This is smooth as f**k, lol.” One fan commented, “She wasn't supposed to be pretty. She is supposed to be in character, and if you can't distinguish the usual idol-pretty-red carpet ready Seolhyun from Do AhHee then she's doing a good job.” Another joked, “She really said ‘aww...anyway’.” One said, “I'm horrified that she was reading those nasty comments but got to admit her pr strategy is great lol.”






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