'American Song Contest': Why is South Korea not celebrating K-pop idol AleXa's win?

'American Song Contest' is 'Eurovision's American version which AleXa won and will become the first female idol to perform at the BBMAs

                            'American Song Contest': Why is South Korea not celebrating K-pop idol AleXa's win?
AleXa had participated in the show by representing her home state Oklahoma (@AleXa_ZB/Twitter)

K-pop is truly going global from NCT’s Johnny walking the red carpet of Met Gala 2022 to GOT7’s Bambam becoming the first idol to perform at an NBA half-time show. And now, AleXa has made the K-pop industry proud by winning the NBC music competition ‘American Song Contest. She was the first K-pop idol to participate and even make it to the finals of the American version of 'Eurovision' as she represented her home state Oklahoma. 

The US-born K-pop idol showed the locals how it’s done in K-pop as she sang her original song ‘Wonderland’ live while dancing to an intricate choreography. AleXa constantly wowed the audience as well as the judges -- Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg as she made it through each round with flying colors. This is also not her first time in a competition program as she had been part of the survival shows ‘Rising Legends’ and ‘Produce 48’ before she debuted as a soloist in 2019.

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AleXa wins ‘American Song Contest’

Well, on May 9, AleXa won the very first season of ‘American Song Contest’ with the highest points as her total score was 710. Viewers and her K-pop fans celebrated her win while the American media reported on how AleXa became the first K-pop idol to win the show. However, it turns out South Korean media did not even have a clue what the show was, let alone that AleXa had won. While we had some English-medium Korean news sites covering her win, the general public had no idea. With one fan making AleXa’s win viral on Korean chat forums, Knetizens were surprised.



Fans were surprised as AleXa’s win did not turn heads in South Korea as she is a pretty popular K-pop idol. She has caught the attention of the public on several occasions from her debut single ‘Bomb’ to starring in the K-drama ‘Seoul Horror Story’ and winning every time she was nominated at the Asia Artist Awards. She was also roped in to host DIVE’s podcast and her last comeback ‘Tattoo’ had been successful. With her win, she will also become the first female idol to perform at the BBMAs.

‘She is really underrated’

With AleXa being part Russian, American and Korean, one Knetz wrote, “Our country's racial discrimination is seriously too severe.” Another said, “We're neglecting her way too much... She even won the best award.” Some Knetz lashed back, “It's because it's a program our country isn't familiar with, do you think that just because you know something, everyone should know?” Another added, “No but is it wrong for us to be quiet? It's not even a program from our country.”

One fan posted, “They can't just congratulate her? she did an amazing performance congratulations Alexa!” Another explained, “I get not caring about the show since it’s a national contest so why would another country care about it but it’s the winner being a kpop star that should be news. If the winner was a different person that has nothing to do with korea then of course why would it be news there? But the winner happens to be a korean star lol.” With some trolls saying that she was a nobody, one fan tweeted, “Ppl in the comments saying "nobody heard of this nugu" have never looked at yt, listened on spotify or went on twitter in the last 2 years me thinks.” Another fan was angry, “If it was anyone else winning the show theyd be eating it up.” one said, “She is really underrated.”






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