'Joseon Lawyer': WJSN Bona leads next K-drama with Woo Do-hwan, fans say ‘she’s made it’

'Joseon Lawyer': WJSN Bona leads next K-drama with Woo Do-hwan, fans say ‘she’s made it’
Bona in talks to play Yeon-joo while Woo Doh-wan is cast as male lead Han-soo in historical K-drama 'Joseon Lawyer' (@officialcosmicgirl/Facebook, @jtbcdrama/Instagram)

WJSN’s Bona previously stole hearts with the hit sports K-drama ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ as the fencing champion Ko Yu-rim. The idol actor was constantly one of the most-talked-about along with the rest of the main leads during the airing of the K-drama. Thanks to her role in the drama, her brand reputation as a K-pop idol also shot up with Knetizens wanting to see her with the rest of WJSN on the fierce survival show ‘Queendom 2’. And now, she is progressing from being the loveable secondary lead to the main lead in the historical drama ‘Joseon Lawyer’.

On May 10, it was reported that K-drama favorite Woo Doh-wan had landed his next project after his military discharge. Following the noir K-drama ‘Bloodhounds’ with the likes of actor Lee Sang-yi, fans will next get a chance to see Doh-wan in a light-hearted coming-of-age drama with Bona in ‘Joseon Lawyer’. ‘The King’ star is set to play the male lead character Kang Han-soo who is a lawyer during the rule of the Joseon dynasty while Bona’s Lee Yeon-joo is a client who is out for revenge.

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Bona to star in historical drama with Woo Doh-wan

If Bona does end up taking the project, this will be her first main role since the 2018 drama ‘Your House Helper’. The WJSN star landed her first acting project back in 2017 and went on to play supporting roles in dramas like ‘Hit The Top’ and ‘Homemade Love Story’. Bona was then part of the ensemble cast for WJSN’s drama ‘The Secret of the Grand Mansion’ and played one of the leads in the miniseries ‘Girls' Generation 1979’.



The ‘Joseon Lawyer’ is based on the webtoon of the same name and follows the story of lawyer Kang Han-soo who starts out to get revenge but gradually becomes a local hero as he speaks up for the people and defends them. He is reminded of himself in Lee Yeon-joo who hires him to get revenge on someone who has crossed her. The K-drama is a fusion of courtroom dramas and historical romance as it tells the tale of a self-righteous lawyer who gets himself tangled in the web of romance and justice.

‘They look so good together’

WJSN fans are excited for Bona’s next project as they made tweets like, “BONA STRIKES AGAIN.” One was proud, “Yea she's officially made it.” Another fan shared, “Honestly??? this pairing???? didnt imagine both of them would be paired up but honestly they look so good together alr 🙌🏻 excited!” One added, “OMGGG!!?? YES KIM BONA!! Her beauty suits historical drama so much!!” Another fan commented, “Bona in a historical drama.. oh she’s gonna look so good.”






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