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AOA's Jimin posts original song on birthday, a year and half after 'retiring'

Fans are starting to side with Jimin following leaked texts that show that Kwon Mina's bullying claims against Jimin may have been exaggerated.
Jimin and Mina were part of the same group AOA (@OfficialAOA/Facebook)
Jimin and Mina were part of the same group AOA (@OfficialAOA/Facebook)

Trigger warning: Suicide attempt

AOA was an immensely popular girl group in the early 2010s. With viral hits like ‘Like a Cat’, ‘Miniskirt’ and ‘Heart Attack’, they were known as chart monsters for sweeping charts thanks to the huge backing they got from the general public. Unfortunately, their reputation was marred in July 2020 when a former member, Kwon Mina claimed that their leader, Shin Jimin had bullied her to the point that she had attempted suicide. Their label FNC Entertainment and Jimin herself apologized with the latter retiring from the K-pop industry.

But following Jimin’s retirement, Mina has continued to stay in the spotlight for varying issues. Many fans claimed to have found loopholes in her allegations and believed that she might have exaggerated the truth. In September 2021, leaked texts between Mina, AOA and their managers show that the managers were afraid of her and Jimin was the only one who could supposedly handle her alleged tantrums. With the general public becoming sceptical of Mina’s claims against Jimin, people have once again started warming up to AOA.

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Where is AOA

We have ChoA once again singing as she is participating in the talent competition ‘Double Trouble’. Yuna left the group and has become a yoga instructor while Seolhyun has continued her acting career and was most recently roped in to host KBS Gayo Daechukje 2021. But what was the most shocking was the Knetizens' positive reactions to finding out that she had supposedly spent Halloween with Jimin in 2021. Well, it looks like AOA’s former leader is testing waters for a comeback.


Jimin’s latest post

On January 8, 2022 KST, Jimin posted on her Instagram after a year and six months of silence. Her last post was in July 2020, a few days after Mina’s bullying claims. She apologized and said that she would be retiring. Well, on her birthday which happens to be January 8, she posted a video of her walking the streets and recording the places she visited with an original song playing in the background. Titled ‘Suddenly’, it is a gift for fans who have waited for her. She also uploaded the whole track on her SoundCloud. And the Instagram post is full of fans commenting ‘welcome back’ and that they have missed her.

While the whole truth hasn’t been revealed yet, the leaked texts show that both the parties involved had different accounts of what had transpired, with Jimin not having any memory of things Mina was accusing her of, including hitting her with her fist on her chest. Fans think that Jimin probably did what she needed to do to manage a member of the team which is the responsibility of a leader while Mina might have felt that she was targeted and bullied in the name of being led.

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