'I Love A Mama's Boy': Jayne tells Bryan to take 'family honeymoon', fans disgusted

'JAYNE GET UR OWN MAN SO YOU CAN GO ON UR OWN HONEYMOON #iloveamamasboy,' suggested a fan

                            'I Love A Mama's Boy': Jayne tells Bryan to take 'family honeymoon', fans disgusted
'I Love A Mama's Boy' star Bryan and his mother Jayne (TLC)

A honeymoon is something that most newlyweds eagerly look forward to. Away from the family and all the other distractions, the newlyweds get loads of privacy and alone time to get to know each other. So when Tracy finally married the love of her life- Bryan, she was beyond excited to go on a honeymoon with him, away from their two little children.

Unfortunately for Tracy, her plans to sneak some private time with her husband Bryan came to a screeching halt when his mom Jayne decided to invite herself to their honeymoon. The 'I Love A Mama's Boy' star even managed to bag an invite from her son. Bryan casually invited his mother to join them on the honeymoon, but he didn't expect her to accept the invite. Jayne not only accepted the invite but also decided to bring along Bryan and Tracy's two children along and dubbed it as 'family honeymoon'. When Tracy learned about Jayne's plans she was horrified. Tracy insisted that Bryan uninvited his mother from tagging along on their honeymoon.


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'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars Jayne, Bryan, and his wife Tracy (TLC)


Bryan reluctantly sat down with his mother and tried explaining to her that she couldn't come to their honeymoon as Tracy didn't want her there. Jayne resorted to emotional manipulation by pointing out that a vacation has been long overdue for her. She also offered to pay for the children and her tickets, so that the couple won't feel strained by finances.

Bryan eventually gave in and told Jayne that if Tracy wanted the kids on their honeymoon then even she could join them. Fans were horrified on seeing how Jayne was so excited to go on her son's honeymoon. A fan tweeted, "Hey Jayne, here’s an idea stay home with the kids and let the newlyweds go on their honeymoon alone. #ILoveAMamasBoy." "Does Jayne not understand what goes down on a honeymoon? Parents shouldn't be there! #iloveamamasboy," wrote a fan. Another fan commented, "I’ll pay for myself and the kids??? Is she hearing herself! Lady is a honeymoon!! Want me to explain what your son is gonna do there? #iloveamamasboy."




'I Love A Mama's Boy' star Jayne (TLC)


Another fan expressed, "@TLC #iloveamamasboy Sick, Sick show a woman begging her son to go on his honeymoon. Disgusting they got me to change the channel.." "Is this broad for real? It's their f***ing honeymoon not a family vacation #iloveamamasboy," shared a fan. "JAYNE GET UR OWN MAN SO YOU CAN GO ON UR OWN HONEYMOON #iloveamamasboy," suggested a fan. Another fan revealed, "If my new husband invites his mom on our honeymoon, I’m filing an annulment #iloveamamasboy."





'I Love A Mama's Boy' star Tracy (TLC)


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