Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter are asking guests to fund their extravagant honeymoon

Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter are asking guests to fund their extravagant honeymoon
Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter (Getty Images)

Brody Jenner and fiancé Kaitlynn Carter are certainly going all in for their honeymoon.

According to Page Six, the couple is going to wed at the Nihi on Sumba jungle resort in Indonesia, 250 miles east of Bali, where the honeymoon suite alone is going to cost them at least $6,000 per night. Brody and Kaitlynn “are entertaining guests this evening with a party in the tropical jungle on the edge of Nihiwatu beach, preceded by a traditional Sumbanese horse race,” an insider said.

Every member of the 70-guest wedding party will also be treated to a spa safari before the big event. The wedding is set to happen “on the cliffs with the ocean backdrop,” according to an insider. The guests have reportedly been advised to attend the ceremony in a 'beach formal attire'.  

The resort has been Travel + Leisure's 'Best in the World' for two consecutive years. They have nightly rates starting at $795 for a one-bedroom and goes up to $16,595 for a night at its five-bedroom estate. 

The soon-to-be husband and wife have also found an innovative way to pay for the extravagant wedding. Instead of registering for traditional gifts such as coffee makers and toasters, the couple has asked the guests to gift them money for the honeymoon.  

They even have a private Honeyfund account, which is a crowd-funding site, where people can make the donations. An insider who confirmed this news also added, "It struck me as odd for people so well to do to be asking for that." 

The three people who are expected to be glaringly absent from the wedding are Brody's father Caitlyn Jenner and half-sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner.


All three of them have reportedly received invites, but Caitlyn has already confirmed she is giving it a miss due to work commitments, but the sisters are yet to RSVP, which has Brody brooding. 

"My two little sisters, we never even heard from them. They never even RSVP'd I don’t think," 34-year-old Brody told People. "We sent them an invite but we just never heard anything back. Well, they’ll be missed. I would have loved to have had them there." 

While his sisters' seeming nonchalance has evidently affected the groom-to-be, there are reportedly no hard feelings between him and Cait. “She will be throwing a big party for them when the newlyweds return to town,” an insider said.


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 Brody Jenner Kaitlynn Carter wedding guests fund extravagant honeymoon