'I Love A Mama's Boy': Jason and Annette go for couples' massage, Internet says 'that's freaking weird'

Jason and Annette decide to spend some quality time together as he brings up the topic about moving to another city

                            'I Love A Mama's Boy': Jason and Annette go for couples' massage, Internet says 'that's freaking weird'
Jason and Annette (TLC)

Jason and Annette have made it a point that they take time out for each other no matter how busy life gets. In the latest episode (November 8), fans got a glimpse of their bonding time as the two decided to head out for a couples' massage. The pair sat down and spoke about Jason's upcoming wedding with his girlfriend Justina. Jason and Justina have been together for five years and are proud parents to their beautiful daughter. After dating for so long, Justina and Jason finally decided to walk down the aisle. While Annette is extremely excited to welcome Justina into the family, she was shocked to find out that they were planning on moving to another city. 

Jason and Justina had discussed the idea of staying away from Annette after his office came forward with the opportunity of moving to another place. Justina admitted it had been hard for her to live away from her family while adding that Annette's closeness to Jason was putting a strain on their relationship. Jason agreed that they have been spending more by making sure he stays close to his mother. He further added that his personal life was getting affected due to the same. After beating around the bush for a while, Jason decided to jump straight to the topic and talk about moving away.

He revealed that the chances of his family moving to another city were getting closer, and he might have a maximum of two weeks in his hand to make a decision. Annette was shattered to hear this and admitted she wanted Jason to refuse the offer. She further added it was painful to imagine him away from her. Annette admitted there were times when she would cry after he had left home while adding it was impossible to imagine a life where he would be living in another city. Fans were shocked to see this behavior while many commenting on how strange it was for a mother-son pair to go out for a couples' massage. 

"Why do you call your time with your son “a date”? Eeeeeeeuuuuuuu," wrote one user. "If I were the fiancés on this show...I would leave," said another. "A “date” with your son? It gives me the creep," read another comment. "That's freaking weird," stated another.

'I Love A Mama's Boy' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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